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Favorite Things Friday

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Gosh I spend so much time on these interwebs. Searching, reading, writing. After a few years of avid blog reading, I have a few favorites. Actually, I have quite a few favorites. Some of them are well known, some lesser known. Some really make me think and some make me laugh until I cry.

Here are the 5 that I “save ’til last” when clearing out my Google reader:

Minnesota Matron
I cringe at the memories of my years floating through college and what my professors must’ve thought about me every time I read her “Actual Student Email” posts. I also cringe at the fact that although I took about 50 hours of instruction in English grammar and composition and too many writing intensive courses to count and I can barely put together a decent sentence most days. What happened there? Oh but I love the Matron. She is my LAST read of the day- so I can take my time and enjoy.

Smitten Kitchen
Great photos, great food. Every recipe I have ever tried has been fantastic. The most bookmarked site I visit.

I love her. That is all. In a bloggity sort of way.

Marital Bless
Here’s a local blogger that I’ve been following for the past 18 months or so and I just really love how she keeps it real. I know. Cliche, right? I try to learn a bit from each post. She’s a new wife, a new Mom, she works- we have the same sorts of struggles.

Baby Bird formerly Bridal Bird which was formerly Brunch Bird
The Bird. I found her through my first blog love (A Serious Job is No Excuse)- which is long gone and I’ve hopped along her blog trail to Baby Bird.

Check them out!
What are your favorite blogs? What makes a good blog good? What keeps you coming back?

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