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I’m ready for my close-up!

Posted: September 26th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Misc. | 2 Comments »

I love the Gap and I think my boys are the cutest kids ever…so you know I was all over THIS:

So check us out:



And Vote!

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2 Comments on “I’m ready for my close-up!”

  1. 1 Anonymous said at 9:59 am on September 27th, 2009:

    Tried to vote, thought I had to have a kid entered to do so. But that would not really make much sense…. Who would not want adorable identical twin boys for their ads?! I would chose them if I were a Gap photographer. I have some friends, I will see what I can do…

    Cant wait to see you guys in a month!…or so. Gosh i miss all of you:(


  2. 2 Miss Erin said at 3:03 pm on September 27th, 2009:

    Ithink you have to create a user name to vote- so they can keep track of people (you can vote once a day).

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