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Tackle it Tuesday

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I’ve been trying to FLY with the FLY Lady and failing miserably- mostly because I forget that I’m doing it and haven’t established a routine. It’s a tough routine to follow when you work overnights: clean the sink before bed? I go to bed at 9:30am and the nanny is here using the kitchen all day. Make the bed when I get up? So Mr. Wonderful has a nice place to sleep but I get the tousled covers and pillows on the floor? Needless to say, I’m trying to figure out what works for us so we can ALL enjoy it.

Enter Tackle it Tuesday!

I’ll share a small “hotspot” in our home I need to tackle each week and hopefully I’ll make progress in keeping the place a little less cluttered.

This week:

The “Shred” box

It’s our box o’ bills and other mail waiting to be shredded. Almost everything is paid online or on automatic debit so we *really* don’t need all this mailed to our house but we still get it for some reason and I’m so paranoid about identity theft and I don’t throw anything away with our name on it. We have a nice shredder but honestly it doesn’t get used often enough. Add to that the fact that we toss the mail onto the nearest surface upon entering the house so the stuff we need to look at is mixed with the stuff we can safely throw away and it sits there until I go out of my mind and sit down to shred.

It’s not going to happen in one day (I could shred for hours) my goal here is to have it under control by NEXT week, so I’m ready to tackle the next “hotspot”.

Here’s what I’m working with:

and, um…this doozy from my cleaning efforts the other day:

Here is where the mail is supposed to go when it enters the house- nice little tray, a spot to hang up “important” stuff that we need to keep track of, like insurance cards and the like.

Wish me luck!

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