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Thrifty Thursday

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Welcome Thrifty Thursday- where this retail gal takes you on a crash course of great deals and fund friendly finds…

I’m a coupon kinda girl.

That said- I’m not all crazy about matching sales with manufacturers coupons with store coupons- if it’s on my list and I have a coupon? I’ll use it. That seems to save us a good amount of money each month. Enough to afford us the luxury of eating what we want, when we want and buying the brands we like. That works for us and that’s about where my coupon expertise ends. Cut out what you use, skip what you don’t and you’ll save.

I do however love a clearance rack. Sadly my job has ruined me when it comes to keeping an open mind when I go to other stores and look at their clearance. After years and years- no matter where I am, if I see a clearance rack that says 75% off I expect items on that rack to be less than $10. Or, if I’m being honest here- $4.24, tops…like I said, my mindset when it comes to clearance is totally whacked out. I try to be rational, but I’m just so used to awesome finds that I expect a certain price point when I see the 7+5+%…I’m ruined I tell you.

When I had the boys I found a whole new realm of “sales” that I hadn’t ever heard of before- Luxury Sample Sales!

You’re invited to ideeli!

You’re invited to Hautelook!

Gilt Fuse
You’re invited to Gilt Fuse!

I am sure there are others but these are the three that I check daily. It’s mostly Women’s and Men’s clothing and accessories but they do have Kid’s clothing listed pretty often. The kids stuff tends to go fast- so if you sign up, be prepared to check your email daily and if you don’t have the funds available, skip the looking at all so you don’t start loving an item only to find it’s not available two days later when you do…just sayin’.

I like ideeli the best- seems to have more in the way of kids stuff on a regular basis. Gilt Fuse leans more high end than I normally go and has fewer kids sales. These are the sites I visit when I want my little monsters dressed in something a little trendier than Target, GAP or Carters.

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