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The Trials of Solid Foods.

Posted: October 3rd, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Misc. | 1 Comment »

We think the boys are on their way to becoming good little eaters. Once I became a little more comfortable with the whole “give them what you’re eating” philosophy they started to try new things on an almost daily basis.

The thing with trying new foods for the first time is you never know how it’s going to, um, come out.

Thursday Jenna introduced the boys to some Black Beans. They SEEM innocent enough. Small, soft, tasty, not to mention healthy little nuggets of goodness. Wyatt wasn’t so interested but Lincoln? He gobbled them up by the handfuls!

Thursday night he was up 4 times whining and crying. He had a little gas. Of course, I was out of gas drops because, well, it’s been MONTHS since we’ve had any problems with gas and I had tossed the bottle we had as it was getting a little crusty around the top. Note to self: Buy more Mylicon!

He seemed better Friday morning, moving around seemed to help. Friday afternoon however he was ready to work out the deuce that was brewing. It wasn’t going to come out nicely.

He screamed, he cried, he strained, he clenched.


He tried again.


So we let him hang out on a towel and enjoy some “bare-butt” time while watching Super Why and gulping down 4 ounces of Prune juice and water.

And later?
More success.
And this morning?
More success.

Is it me or is Prune juice like Drain-O for babies?

*This picture is their “normal” poop face
**With the omission of milk, honey, egg whites, nuts/peanut butter, shellfish, tomatoes/ citrus/ acidic berries, some wheat, overly spicy, sweet or salted things, items that have already caused us grief in the intestinal movement department (rice, bananas, starchy things) and processed and or preservative laden foods. We did however let them have fish sticks, waffles and soup this week. See- branching out.

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One Comment on “The Trials of Solid Foods.”

  1. 1 Christina said at 1:28 pm on October 3rd, 2009:

    We also learned the hard way about that nasty (drano for babies, lmao) stuff they call "helpful" for us parents. We did it once, and paid the price!

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