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Lock. Down.

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When in Colonial Williamsburg, do as the Colonists do…
My third attempt at getting back on track with blogging post vacation:

We’ve sort of been on lock down here at the house. Both boys came down with a raging virus that left them crabby, non-sleeping, snotty little squirmy things that were on the cusp of being taken in to be swabbed for H1N1. No fever to been seen so we just waited it out instead of taking them out and exposing them to yet another set of germs to take them down.

It started with Lincoln on Monday morning when we woke up in Toledo after a horrible night. No one slept. This should have been our first clue that something was coming down the pipe. When we finally got up after fighting the up-down-up-down cycle with the boys Lincoln was wheezing up a storm and couldn’t quite clear whatever was sitting in his chest. We got out the nebulizer and he was a little better off. We all got in the car to continue our journey back home.

Being our 7th anniversary and all we stopped someplace to actually sit down for lunch instead of hitting a drive thru. Let it be known that I have very nosey babies who insist in turning around in their seats and watching everyone and everything that is going on around them. That said the other patrons at Cracker Barrel in Rockford Illinois were very gracious in ignoring the streams of mucous that could not be stopped from streaming down the boys little faces and the waitress was very kind to take away the mountains of tissues and napkins that kept accumulating on our table as we tried to keep the boys at least LOOKING like they weren’t the children of Typhoid Mary. It was a great lunch. One in which everything that went into the boys mouths ended up on the floor, in the highchair or smashed into their hair. They were quite the sight. The Coca-Cola Chocolate cake? It more than made up for the pools of crap accumulating on the boys chins.

We made it home in one piece thanks to numerous bottles of juice, water and formula as well as piles of Ritzy crackers that I would toss back in hopes of keeping the natives quiet for just a little bit longer.

Once home we had a rough night. No one was going to sleep. Again. Except for Mr. Wonderful, at least for the first half of the night. He had to work in the morning so I tried to get up with the boys but after a certain hour it was one or the other waking up every 30-45 minutes. This was a two man job, no doubt about it. This carried on Tuesday night as well. Around 5pm all hell breaks loose and the boys are inconsolable. They won’t eat. They don’t want to be held. They don’t want to sleep and if you do get them asleep as soon as you set them down in their cribs they wake up screaming. It was no fun.

Yesterday we seemed to be turning the corner. Wednesday night was a little better in the sleep department. Last night was even more improved. I think Mr. Wonderful gave them “Solid C’s” instead of the F’s they’d been getting at the beginning of the week.

A great way to return from vacation! I still have suitcases to unpack, but we are slowly getting back into a routine. The cloth diapers are once again holding strong after a two week stint with disposables. The steamer was going full force as I cooked up some pears, spinach and peas, sweet potatoes and Butternut Squash yesterday. Tuesday night I made a dozen mini meatloaves that Mr. Wonderful has so elegantly dubbed “meatwads” so the boys can have their new favorite dish whenever we feel like it. Back to normal.

Sorry we are fresh out of pictures- the camera went kaput on day three of our trip and we are slowly building up our stash of pictures from everyone who took them. If you are friends with Mr. Wonderful on Facebook that is the place to go if you MUST see these cute boys without any further delay!

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2 Comments on “Lock. Down.”

  1. 1 The Beans said at 1:28 am on October 24th, 2009:

    Haha. Meatwads.

  2. 2 Anonymous said at 3:29 pm on October 24th, 2009:

    I'm glad you're home and everyone is feeling better.
    The trip sounds like a blast.

    I love the 1 year pics also.


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