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My little Country crossover fans.

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This morning when Wyatt got up it was just the two of us. He was a happy little clam after drinking his morning bottle and we were just hanging out waiting for Lincoln to wake. I had a song in my head and knew the video was recently released and thought he might enjoy some mother-son time clicking around Youtube.

I learned something about my son(s) today:

Wyatt has a crush on Taylor Swift only topped by the crush LINCOLN (who got up shortly after we started) has on Taylor Swift! Legs kicking, babbling that I can only imagine is his attempt to sing along and lots of cooing and reaching out toward the screen. Maybe it’s because we had her new album on loop from Pennsylvania to Ohio and he’s pretty familiar with her songs. Maybe it’s the hair. Or the silvery sparkly guitar.

Whatever it is, they like Taylor. A lot.

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