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The Tale of Two Sleepers.

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The boys had a really really great weekend sleeping. Nine, even 10 hour stretches. It was awesome. I don’t know what it is (although I do have my theories) but they seem to sleep well on the weekends.

Last night? Not so much.

We’ve switched over to disposables at night. I can’t deny it makes a huge difference in how often they wake up and since I am not the one who is home most nights (because that is when I am at work) I have to let my husband make the call on this one since he’s the one who has to wake up with wet babies. Of course I would love for us to be able to cloth diaper all day, every day and never have an issue, but waking up multiple times a night is an issue.

So, that said, last night was TERRIBLE! Even in the disposables. Lincoln got up, and STAYED UP for two and a half hours, then proceeded to get up, for good, at 5am. Mr. Wonderful was so pleased.

I can’t help but think they know when I’m not home. When we are both home the nights seem to go very well- even when they are in cloth. It’s an issue that isn’t going to change anytime soon because I kind of need (and really enjoy!) my job- even with the crappy hours.

So, let’s hope it was just a bad night (they got a D and and an F for sleep grades from Mr. Wonderful) and tonight is a bit better. I’m on day two of an eight night stretch and it’s going to be rough going for both of us if they don’t sleep.

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