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This week we had an explosion of new electronic toys at our house. First the delightful new D-SLR and then the shiny and tiny Flip Mino HD camcorder. We loved it! that is, until we went to plug it into our USB port. The point of the Flip is that the USB “flips” out of the top, you plug it into your computer and upload videos quickly.

Our Flip would not fit into our USB port. Either of them. Thinking we had a defective camcorder but wanting to try everything before we returned it, we purchased the set of Flip brand USB extender cables. The CABLES fit into our USB port…the Flip DID NOT fit into the cables. Interesting, considering they are made by the same company and the cables are for the flippin’ Flip. All signs point to a defective camcorder…right?

So Mr. Wonderful ran back to Target, returned the Flip and trudged back to the Electronics department armed with the Flip cables- none of the displays fit the cables. WTH? They can’t ALL be defective!

We are waiting to hear back from Flip tech support. I can’t imagine what the problem is. These little camcorders have fantastic reviews. I haven’t found ANYTHING about USB’s not fitting.

Mr. Wonderful came home with another camcorder, a Sony something or other that only has mediocre reviews, low megapixles and bad video quality (according to the reviews) so I’m not sure if I even want to open it. Hopefully we’ll hear back from Flip soon and they can enlighten us.

On a better note- we had a delightful evening out for Mr. Wonderful’s birthday.

The plan was a sitter for the boys, Five Guys for dinner and a show at First Ave.

Everyone was crabby and in contentious moods so we cancelled the sitter and the show and decided to make a family trip to Five Guys with stops at Target for some last minute Black Friday shopping.

We hit Target first and found everything on our list- we must have pretty low Black Friday expectations if our “door buster” items are still there at 6:30pm! We headed over to Five Guys and the place was packed- not a place to sit and a line to the door, so we took a pass and headed over to Q. Cumbers. It’s a huge Salad bar/ hot bar place. The boys were in heaven with their multitude of items from all the stations- salad bars are perfect for toddlers. We enjoyed the meal too. Just a nice quiet night out, the four of us.

We headed home and played with the new Mega Bloks the boys picked up with their Birthday gift card. I think we had more fun trying to build something, they had fun taking it all apart.

Today we have plans to head over to Minnehaha or the bridges to take some pictures of the boys. Maybe we’ll hit both if they stay in good moods. Hopefully we’ll post some pics later tonight!

The goal, and this is a pretty lofty goal, is to have the Christmas tree up tomorrow. We haven’t put one up for 2 years and I’m pretty antsy for some winter wonderland decor in my house right about now.

Hmmmm…I think that about covers it for now!

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