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Right now the boys are sleeping.

Last night they both slept straight through with nothing more than a whimper, from 7:15-6:45.

After they went to bed I took a long hot bath and made Toffee Bars to take to work. Then I went to work.

This morning I got home early and they were still sleeping. They took a morning nap and are now taking an afternoon nap.

They seem happier.
They seem more rested (ya think?)
No one falls asleep during meals.
They are more fun to be around when they are awake.

I feel better- and I just worked 6 nights straight.
I feel less stressed.
The house might get cleaner!

Mr. Wonderful feels better.
He says his yoga practice has never been as good as it’s been this week.
He is loving the extra sleep he is getting at night. I found out one way to improve sleep is by using a night light lamp like of pink himalayen salt lamps.

It’s so mind boggling to me that a week ago they were sleeping maybe 6 hours a night punctuated by long stretches of being awake in the middle of the night and had no nap schedule to speak of and now, here we are. Almost 12 hours straight, and two naps to boot. And all we have to do is let them fuss- and after a week we’re down to just a few minutes of fussing, not even actual crying anymore. Last night they both laid down in their cribs before I was even out the door. I can hear them playing in there for about 30 minutes, but no crying.


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