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Putting it to bed.

Posted: December 22nd, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Misc. | 1 Comment »

I’m feeling pretty pleased with our sleep situation right now.

We have established a bedtime routine.
*Dinner between 4:30 and 5:00
*Play until 6:00
*Pajamas and bottles and story time at 6:00
*Rainbow Connection at 6:55
*In bed, doors closed at 7:00

Sometimes you can hear them still awake in there- but they aren’t crying. Sometimes Lincoln knocks on the door to let us know he’s still up (he does this at nap time too) but no crying and they are usually asleep within 15 minutes. Some days Wyatt wakes up around 3:00 but he can usually settle himself back down. Surprisingly Lincoln sleeps through it.

We have established two simultaneous naps every day at 9:00 and 1:00.


This is it.

No more sleep talk.

I’m sure there will be bad days here and there but right now- this is what we’ve been waiting for.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged us to push through the rough spots. We wouldn’t be sleeping through the night without all of your expertise!

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One Comment on “Putting it to bed.”

  1. 1 Anonymous said at 9:49 am on December 22nd, 2009:

    Good Job!!!!

    I am so glad it has worked out for your guys. It is a tough road, especially with 2, but you did it.


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