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Well aren’t we glad we live in Minnesota THIS week!

Wednesday the plan was to get the boys and all the Christmas stuff to my Mom’s before I headed out to work that night so I wouldn’t have to do it when I got home from work and was dead tired on Christmas Eve morning. The forecasters were all shouting about 12-18″ of snow with the heaviest snow falling Thursday night so Jenna and I packed everyone and everything up when I got home from work Wednesday morning and set up camp at my Mom’s. I slept for a few hours and went to work that night.

After driving frantically around Maple Grove in the snow for an hour and a half stopping at 6 stores and having my jeans soaked to my knees I got the final gift I needed and I settled in to work. When I finally got home the next morning after a treacherous drive through the country I arrived to find my sister stuck halfway up the driveway. I decided to risk getting hit by a car and parked in the street so the plow guy could get to my Mom’s driveway when he arrived. When the plow guy DID arrive he pulled my sister’s car out and then plowed the driveway- how awesome is that?

Thursday night we had our Tamale feast and opened the boys presents before they went to bed at 7. Then we waited for Sam and Jenna to arrive from their drive to Hugo. We opened our gifts and I was ready to hit the hay.

Friday morning I woke up to much more snow and the plows hadn’t touched my Mom’s road. Fantastic. Our plans for the day quickly deteriorated as the consensus became “We’re not driving in this!”. We rescheduled with my dad for Saturday and hunkered down for another day at my Mom’s. Good thing there was plenty of Mexican left!

Saturday morning was much better. The plows had been through and with the warm temps the snow had melted a bit. Even the army of snowmen that had been built the day before were falling apart.

We rushed back home. Opened the gift’s from Mr. Wonderful’s family and then headed out to my Dad’s. We had a quick dinner there and were back in time to tuck the boys in by 7pm. We were not so lucky as to arrive AFTER the plows had been through. They have until 8pm and when we got home you could barely get down our street the snow was so deep. Not to mention the fact that the end of our street had a 3′ pile from the plowing of University that you had to get through. Ugh!

Today we tried to recoup.

Hopefully soon we’ll get the pictures up!

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One Comment on “Snow.Storm.”

  1. 1 Anonymous said at 8:07 am on December 29th, 2009:

    A good Old Fashioned snow storm.
    That is what I remember when I was younger. I loved it. Good sledding weather.

    Grandma E

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