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Question of the week.

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As parents of multiples, it’s sometimes hard to avoid comparing your kids; there’s “the quiet one”, the “bold one”, the “bossy one”, etc. Stereotyping and pigeonholing aside, we thought it would be interesting to see what kind of trends, if any, we can find relating to birth order and multiples. This week’s question of the week is:

Describe your childrens’ personalities, in birth order. Do you think your kids personalities are related to their birth order?
Lincoln- Baby A (and our first born by 1 whole minute) is at first glance much more serious than his brother. From the very beginning people have commented on how he’s tough to get to smile, always looks like he’s really got something on his mind. Some days I agree with this- early on he was a tough nut to crack- you had to work for every smile, every grin. Lately? He’s my wild man. We like to call him dramatic. When he’s upset- he can go to extremes, throwing himself onto his Boppy, burying his head in is hands and playing up every little emotion. Usually with quick peeks to see if you’re paying attention.
Wyatt- Baby B has always been our smiley, happy, noisy kid. You know somethings up if he’s quiet- because it hardly ever happens. He loves to antagonize his brother.

Is your baby A any bolder or more dominant than B, C, D?
I’d say he’s a little more aggressive. If he wants something, he has a propensity to take it. We’ve had a few episodes of biting in the past that seem to be coming back. He wants what he wants, when he wants it. That said, Wyatt will take what he wants as well. We’re trying to work on sharing…

Does your last-born reach milestones last as well?
Not really, he was the first to crawl, Lincoln was the first to walk. Wyatt is our talker, Lincoln prefers signs. Wyatt was the first to get teeth. Usually the other one is right behind- within a week if not sooner.

Are there any characteristics that you feel are somehow related to birth order?
I’m not sure. My husband and I are both the oldest of three and I know I’ve always felt like the “responsible one”. The one who paved the way for the other two, the one who got all the first attempts at parenting from my parents whereas my sisters got maybe a more toned down version and possibly an easier path. I think having two at once really makes it easy to let some things slide right from day 1. Because there were two and we needed every bit of sleep we could get we didn’t spend hours standing over their cribs watching them sleep. We didn’t worry about every sniffle or sneeze, we tend to let some things slide that we possibly wouldn’t if we only had one baby to focus on. I think this is going to take a lot of pressure off of one feeling like they are put in a position to be the responsible one or the baby or whatever tag they may be given.

Do you find that a lot of people like to “classify” your kids? How do you feel about it?
I think at first it bothered me that Lincoln was always called the “serious” one- I started to get a little paranoid if he didn’t react the same as Wyatt all the time. As he gets older I see that he’s just more of an observer than Wyatt and he may come off as serious but he’s just as happy and fun as his brother.

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2 Comments on “Question of the week.”

  1. 1 Angela said at 5:50 pm on February 1st, 2010:

    This is fun to read about other's multiples! Thanks for sharing your perspective on the birth order!

  2. 2 Sadia said at 12:03 pm on February 3rd, 2010:

    Thanks for telling us about your boys. I find that my daughters flip-flop on most personality traits over time.

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