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Week 18

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Wow- I lost another week! I guess that’s what happens when things go from good to downhill in a day.

The baby is as big as a potato and I should be able to feel him/ her soon- nothing yet! And I’m seriously trying to be in the moment and just feel…so far nothing.

Still no weight gain. I’m back up to the full dosage of Zofran and if I taper off at all I go right back down the spiral. Considering the side effects of Zofran I would like to taper off. I’m just not able to at this point.

Work has been crazy busy and it’s just going to get crazier in the next few weeks. I need to make sure I get enough sleep and enough to eat and keep the Zofran on board so I can get through my nights. There is just no way around it.

The boys are “talking” up a storm lately- Lincoln especially seems to be having a sound explosion- he does this thing “adoadoadoadobbbbbbbpppllllt” and then he breaks into a laugh, whatever he’s saying is apparently hilarious. We copy him back and he just goes on and on- too funny. Wyatt is trying out a new deep voice- he always tries out new sounds with a deep voice first, so weird. He’ll stand and laugh this big hearty laugh and then walk around the room going “EEEEEYYYYYY!” (think the Fonz) with his arms up over his head. Personality plus that one.

We have a nice little road trip planned this weekend for a family baby shower- it looks like another rainy weekend so hopefully the boys sleep on the drive up. It’s so funny, I just had two babies and I have another on the way and I have total stage fright when it comes to choosing a baby shower gift. I mean, I know what I’d like, but who really knows what another person is going to need/want- even if you get it off a registry. I hope my trip to Target is fruitful!

Tonight we’re watching the State Hockey Tournament and having burgers from Mac’s- I’ve been craving burgers all week. Hopefully this craving pans out a little better than the Chipotle craving I had on Monday.

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