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Question of the week.

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Mother’s Intuition: Do you have it?

Yes and No.

When we first found out we were having twins I was convinced (100% totally sure) I was having girls. I think my exact words were “It’s going to be girls, I’m so screwed!” Well, we all know, I got two perfectly crazy boys. Which is awesome, because I really, really, really wanted boys.
Intuition? Nope!

When my OB told me I’d be lucky to get to 34 weeks I was set to deliver at 34 weeks. That day came and went, then 35 weeks came and went. We were closing in on 36 and with the PUPPPs and Polyhydramnios and lingering nausea I begged for some relief. And I got it in the form of a C-Section scheduled for the following Thursday. They weren’t going to test for lung maturity because they knew it was time to deliver, the complications kept mounting. If they tested and it came back as a no-go the delivery would be put off. I went into labor on Wednesday. These babies were ready.

Some people may think I took a huge gamble here but I KNEW these babies were going to be fine. And they were. Lincoln went right to the Newborn nursery, Wyatt spent 24 hours in Special Care for observation because he was 200 grams shy of the weight needed to go to the Newborn nursery. Twins, delivered at 36 weeks 1 day and they were pretty near perfect. Skinny little things (although at 6lbs 4oz and 5lbs 4oz they may as well have been giants) but perfectly healthy. No oxygen, no feeding tubes, nothing out of the ordinary at all. Lincoln ended up needed many trips to Children’s to test his bili levels after we discharged but even full-term babies have jaundice, so nothing we were surprised by. I don’t think I ever worried about their health, even when we were under observation for TTTS- I KNEW they were going to be fine.
Intuition? I’d like to think so.

Next week we have our big 20 week ultrasound. Last time around we didn’t find out if they were boys or girls (other than the photos in sealed envelopes I had made for their scrapbooks) until we delivered. This time around I can’t wait. For me it’s a few things that are making me want to know: 1) I’m MISERABLE being pregnant- I want a little something to get me through. 2) If by some chance it IS a girl, I may upgrade a few things a bit differently (girly diapers, girly bedding, etc.) Currently I’m feeling that this is a boy- I only have one thing I’m going on though: I can eat spicy food. Spicy food is what got me through when I was pregnant with the boys.
Intuition? We’ll find out on Wednesday!

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2 Comments on “Question of the week.”

  1. 1 Safire said at 7:17 pm on March 21st, 2010:

    What a fun post! Good luck finding out what you're having on Wednesday. That's always the best part about being pregnant (I think).

  2. 2 KimnSteve said at 7:36 pm on March 21st, 2010:

    I ate a lot of Mexican food with my boys. Have fun – it was a highlight of our pregnancy.

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