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Good Day.

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Sorry for all of the whoa is me lately, but that’s kind of how it’s been around here.  There is no point in painting a rosy picture.

Today however, was a very good day.

The boys were pretty happy from the moment they got up, around 6:30.  They laughed and cuddled and jumped on the couch til they couldn’t jump anymore.  Then I tickled them until they couldn’t laugh anymore.  Then they took a 2 hour nap to recover.  Then more laughing and jumping and tickling etc.  Other than Lincoln banging his head on the floor when he was balancing atop his farm next to the couch it was a very good day!

I always say we are in my “favorite stage” and this is no exception.  They are moving around like no ones business, getting into everything (but mostly climbing on the couch) and “talking” up a storm.  It’s really really something I hope I can always remember.  Lincoln’s sly smile as he looks over his shoulder when he’s doing something he shouldn’t be.  Wyatt’s open mouth kisses at bedtime.  The way Lincoln eats his food one piece at a time while Wyatt hold it all in his hands at once and then dumps it on the floor when he’s done.  They are both so different but so alike.

The past month or so I’ve been going in and watching them sleep a bit before I go to work or go to bed.  I can’t help myself.  If I could reach down and pick them up I know I would.  I’m too short so I have to settle for a few strokes of the forehead and adjusting their blankets.  Sometimes they sit up or roll over and look at me.  Sometimes they babble a little as they sleep.  I don’t think they actually wake up, but sometimes I wish they would so I could get a quick cuddle in.  To think in a few months this will all be different is kind of sad for me. 

I want them to be my little boys forever.  They always will be of course and surely the next few months will bring more fun as they learn and grow.  I can’t believe I ever thought I didn’t want to have kids.  How could I ever want to miss out on this?

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