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My name is Erin. I am addicted to fluff.

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It’s true.  I can’t help myself.

The past month I have built up a pretty sizable stash to accommodate a teeny tiny bottom being added to the mix in just a few short months (14 weeks!).  I’ve become a stalker at Kelly’s Closet.  I’ve been overcome by great deals I find in my feed on Facebook.  I even bought up part of a gDiaper stash that was never ever used.  Good thing I had my kitchen stocked so well so I could forgo the groceries for a few weeks and buy diapers instead!

Of course, on my travels through cyber-space I have found a few new diapers that I.must.have.

Of course, The Good Mama

I’ve been loving these diapers since I first saw them on my first Great Cloth Diaper Hunt when I was on maternity leave with the boys.  During the last GCDH I added my name to the customs list and started to peruse fabrics and dreamed of creating the Best Looking Diaper Stash Ever.  Sadly, the owner of GM took a hiatus from the customs list to focus on a new diaper for awhile so my dreams of the BLDSE was dashed- in reality I was so far down the list unless we add another kid to the mix I’m guessing I’d have everyone potty trained by the time it was my turn anyways.  All that said, I still love those diapers- they are just so awesome and cute and everything I want in a diaper, but at $30 a pop it’s going to be a rare treat.

My newest cloth diaper need is an Urban Fluff iCandy

Seriously, with a name like that you know it’s gonna be cute.  You can find them at a few online stores but the real deal is the custom iCandy.  You choose from something like 90 fabrics and you get the diaper you want in just a few weeks.  Priced about the same as the GM’s but a bit more flexible in that you get to choose your fabrics.  And let’s talk about those for a minute shall we?  I have a hard time looking at the fabrics without drooling.  Spaceships Orange or Sprocket?  Red Animal or Green Animal?  Full Moon, but in which color?  Pretty much any one of them could find  nice home in my little diaper basket.  Well, maybe not the sock monkey prints…. 

Oy Vey!  It’s enough to drive you crazy!

When you cloth diaper, you also get into a whole new world of cloth “accessories”.  Our newest accessory item?  Good cloth detergent.  The most exciting thing that crossed my threshold this week (other than our out of state visitor Uncle Mike) were two sample bags of Rockin’ Green  detergent.  I never thought I’d get so excited about detergent.  So far we’ve been using Purex Free and Clear with fairly good results.  Lately though we’ve been a little stinky so I figured after 13 months in cloth we needed to pay a bit more attention to our washing routine.  Absorbency issues and the dreaded Stinks are the downfall of many a CDing Mama and I’ve come too far for that. 

I also found out about a product that may or may not put us back into cloth at bedtime- the Bum Genius Sock- it’s a “sock” you stuff with an insert (in our case a pre-fold) and it will make any insert “stay-dry” wicking the moisture away from those little buns.  I have high hopes for this $2.99 purchase.  This little find was pointed out to me at a recent Twitter Party I attended in honor of the 9th Birthday of The Diaper Shops.  I know- me, at a Twitter party…I’m so connected.  And Mom, if you are wondering, because I know you are- a Twitter party is like a little online chat thing, not an actual party, but you can win tons of prizes, in this case the prizes are diapers.  And we all know I can’t resist a free diaper (or good info on diapers).

So there you are.  After over a year of making just 3 diaper purchases I went crazy and have had diapers showing up at my door on a weekly basis for the past month. 

It could be worse.  Right?

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4 Comments on “My name is Erin. I am addicted to fluff.”

  1. 1 Anonymous said at 9:36 pm on May 1st, 2010:

    Who would have ever guessed???

    My college graduate, the journalist, that HAD to go to MIZZOU!! " I dont' think we're going to have kids" daughter, obsessed over cloth diapers.!!!! LOL! I love it.

    Love you Honey,


  2. 2 Miss Erin said at 10:03 pm on May 1st, 2010:

    I can't believe I thought I wasn't going to do it in the first place!

  3. 3 Mandie, Daniel and Dawson said at 6:06 am on May 2nd, 2010:

    I can't wait to "meet" the teeny tiny bottom that's going to be in those teeny tiny diapers!

  4. 4 mrs.leah.maria said at 10:26 am on May 4th, 2010:

    I don't think I should have looked at this post . . .

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