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When I got home from grocery shopping today we had the boys come outside and run around while Mr. Wonderful carried in the bags.  They thought it was hysterical!  They LOVE to go outside and as soon as you mention it they are both at the door whining and trying to get out.  Actually getting out the door is another thing, they hate to cross the threshold!  It must look harder than it is, it takes a lot of coaxing, hand holding and usually a little lifting to get them over.  Today we just walked (ran) up and down the block in our bare feet and practiced going up and down the steps out front.  They weren’t brave enough to go on the grass though- we’ll have to save that for another day. 

It was a beautiful day so we opened all the windows…including the one without a screen.  Of course Audrey escaped and spent a few hours on her own outside.  Thankfully she was found, safe and sound wedged between the house and the storage unit.  She didn’t go far.  She doesn’t seem any worse for wear and was back to her old tricks as soon as she got inside. 

It’s getting warm- I don’t think I can go another weekend without the A/C.

We still haven’t recovered our pics from the old hard drive yet.  We still haven’t installed the software for our camera (or the printer, or practically every other thing we need…) we’ll get there eventually.  Right now we’re trying to enjoy the boys and get through these last few months of pregnancy.  11 weeks left!  It’s been verified, 9:30am on August 4th (unless he decides to come early) is when this babe will make his entrance.  Thee is a lot to do between now and then! 

Most important of course is loving on these precious boys of ours.

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