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Because after 17 days I might forget.

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August 4th seemed so far away.  I scheduled my C-Section really far in advance,  like in February or something crazy like that.  So far in advance it wasn’t even on the books at the hospital for awhile.  Even though my OB and midwife both offered (and rallied for!) a VBAC, because the current studies still said at least 2 years was optimal for VBAC safety, I chose the C-Section.  When I finally got the official paperwork from the hospital confirming surgery at 9:30am on August 4th, I was pumped.  This was a Wednesday, 39 weeks, 1 day.  Three weeks longer than I carried the boys, who were also born on  a Wednesday.  This baby was going to be delivered by the same OB who delivered the boys.  I had only seen her once in my first pregnancy but really wanted her to deliver all my kids so I switched over to her this time around as well.  It didn’t hurt that everyone who saw my C-Section scar (or lack thereof) asked who my surgeon was- she did a nice job apparently.

As we got close to the due date I just wanted this all to be over.  I was miserable.  Although I’d stopped throwing up every day somewhere around 32 weeks I was still pretty nauseous for at least part of every day.  Everything ached and the contractions!  Oh those nasty double-you-over-can’t-talk-through-them-but-not-making-progress contractions that started around 16 weeks.  I was ready to be done with those.  I know it’s all part of the deal but that looming date could not come soon enough!  Even if I wanted to be done as soon as possible I really wanted everyone who missed the boys birth to be here, so in the back of my mind I was happy he was staying put.

So August 4th arrives!  Hurrah!  We practically jump out of bed.  Everything is packed up, ready to go and spread out on the kitchen table.  We get up the boys and have a few last photos as a family of 4 on the couch.  We kiss our boys goodbye and head out the door.  So different than last time.  We’ve got one of these trips under our belts, we’re practically pros!

Not the best picture ever.

We were convinced we were going to be super early, as the hospital is just minutes away.  Then we hit a detour and think we might be late!  Check-in is at 7:30!  Thanks to Mr. Wonderful’s great navigation skills and ability to follow detour signs we step off the elevator with 4 minutes to spare.  We must’ve really booked it through the hospital.  We walk up to check-in and the people behind us interrupt the receptionist checking us in and ask if they can just get a room because “Can’t you see she’s in labor!”.  (Actually, she didn’t look any more in labor than I did at that point…wait your turn.)  I was already pre-registered so it took about 2 minutes to check-in and I was off to the MAC where I was gowned up and monitored.

 Ignore the Blackberry.

I meet some of the team that will be in the room including the various nurse anesthetists and the anesthesiologist.  Of course I tell everyone about my issue with not being able to swallow with my last spinal and they are all over trying to figure out a way to make sure that doesn’t happen this time around.

After a bit family starts to filter in, all of a sudden I’m surrounded by everyone and it’s almost go-time.  We were warned early on there might be a few Moms who might have to bump me and at the last minute we are told we’ll have about an hour to wait.  This is a blessing.  Integrated (Integrative?) Medicine comes and I got a lovely neck massage with some peppermint oil aromatherapy.  Very nice way to ease into the next few hours.  Not that I was overly anxious or anything, I handle these situations pretty well I think.

Then it was time to walk.

If you’ve ever had a planned C-Section you probably remember the walk to the OR.  It’s like slow motion.  Then you’re in this bright room, sitting on the operating table getting some very nice drugs threaded into your spine.  Very surreal.  (Can I just give a shout out to my anesthesiologist?  The spinal was perfection!  I could swallow!  Also to the team he worked with- they accommodated every wave of nausea and kept me from getting sick throughout the surgery.  Who knew a little tilt to the table and alcohol pads on your nose would be so helpful?)

John is sitting to my left as my OB gets down to business.  There is talk of my wonderful healing abilities- I have very little scarring.  I suppose it’s nice to have invisible scars but why can’t my super power be the ability to drink whipped cream laden coffee drinks all day without the weight gain and insomnia?  I guess I’ll take what I can get.

We’re at the point where we’re going to see some action.  Well, I’m not going to see anything, but we’re at the point where this kids is going to be out soon, you get the picture.  She makes the final cut and just as with the boys, tons of fluid (4 liters- that’s a lot!).  She’s trying to pull him out and I’m not sure if he’s trying to climb back up or if he’s just wedged in there really well, but there is all of a sudden lots of pushing down on my stomach.  I kind of had to laugh because it was really weird having someone on the other side of the blue sheet pretty much putting all of their weight into pushing this baby out.

Then he was out.

The first thing I hear is something like “He’s not 6 pounds.” And I think, Wow! He’s not even 6 pounds? He’s a teeny tiny! Then I have a nurse peek over at me and say “Eleven O Five” and I think Holy crap he’s ELEVEN pounds?  And that’s what I say.  “Eleven pounds?”  No, 11:05 is what time he was born…..silly drugs.

Hey there!

He had a nice noisy cry.  Much louder than the puppy dog cries of his brothers.  He weighed 8 pounds, 6 ounces and was 21 inches long.  He has light blond hair- almost white in the front.  He scored 9 and 9 on his APGAR scores, just like both Lincoln and Wyatt.

Trimming the cord.

In the recovery room he went right to rooting around- this kid wanted to eat.  He latched like a pro from day one.  Even as I fumbled around like a newbie trying to figure out how to hold his little body.  I of course suffer from the normal side effects of anesthesia, for me anyway: throwing up, itching my face off etcetera.  After an hour or so we are moved to a room (a very large room!) and we get down to the business of bonding.  I have a lovely meal of Jell-O and broth and contemplate getting up to walk around.  No matter how much I love the compression booties and the catheter (TMI?) I was ready to get up and be done with it.

The next few days were different than last time.  After that first night I was up quite a bit more than I was last time, I didn’t need much coaxing at all.  It was mostly me and him at the hospital with a few hours each day were everyone seemed to show up around the same time.  I got to know plenty about his personality.  He’s very oral.  He wants something in his mouth at all times- I was so desperate for sleep one morning after having him constantly nursing that I called my nurse for a pacifier at 3am (he wasn’t buying it).  Neither of the boys ever took a pacifier, no matter how hard we tried.  He also likes to be really close to me and he’s not fond of sleeping alone at this point.  Even in the co-sleeper he’s too far away.  He much prefers the crook of my arm and the close proximity to his two favorite food sources.

The boys came to visit on Thursday, it went pretty much as I had expected.  We let them hang out on the cool moving bed for a bit and they opened some new books from their new brother.  Finally we brought the baby over to the bed.  Wyatt crawled over to me and took a good look, opened his mouth wide and gave him a big sloppy kiss.  He then proceeded to poke him in the eyes, mouth and nose.  I sidled up next to Lincoln and he stuck out his arm ala “talk to the hand” and pushed him away, never taking his eyes off of his book.  He’s going to take a bit more convincing I guess.  Can I just say how much I missed my boys?  Ohmigod I missed my boys!  And when did they get so BIG?

Lincoln’s face says it all.

We came home on Sunday and have been working on building some new routines.  His weight gain has been slow, but we’re getting there.  Each day the boys show a little more interest, although Lincoln is still the hold out.

So now I’m a rock-solid member of the All Boys Club.

I like it.

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5 Comments on “Because after 17 days I might forget.”

  1. 1 Anonymous said at 10:54 am on August 22nd, 2010:

    What a cute family picture, the boys look tired and have no idea what is about to happen to their world.


    You have a beautiful family.

    Love ya,

    Mom E/Grandma

  2. 2 Kate said at 7:29 pm on August 22nd, 2010:

    best birth story ever! it seems like a great dream! and you actually explained a lot about a planned c-section that I didn't have with an emergency one! and your family is gorgeous – but you know that!!!! so happy for you and your family!

  3. 3 Jenna said at 9:28 pm on August 22nd, 2010:

    Yay for the all-boys club! I think he's perfect. Good job and congratulations, Erin. Now we just need Ryon to have us a girl.

  4. 4 Anonymous said at 12:23 pm on August 23rd, 2010:

    I have been amember of the all-boys club for almost 33 years. It rocks!Love, Grandma C

  5. 5 Miss Erin said at 3:48 pm on August 23rd, 2010:

    It's certainly entertaining!

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