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Sunday I wore an apron.

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I have these aprons.  Pink strawberries and chiffon, country roosters, red utility, velvet cocktail.  They hang on a hook on the door that leads to the scary basement and I never, ever, wear them.  I started “collecting” them before I got married.  The collection stopped at four and other than the bag full of little cocktail aprons I rescued from my grandparents house, they are probably going to be the only four I ever own. 

I don’t wear them.  I like the thought of wearing them.  They are cute and functional but they make me look like a midgit. 

Or a little person? 


They make me look short.

Anyway.  Sunday I wore an apron.

I cooked a complete meal for my family.  This is something that hasn’t happened in a long time.  I cook, but not like this.  Not in a long time. 

We had Chicken Fried Steak with Black Pepper gravy.  There was Buttered Radish salad and Corn on the Cob.  Afterwards when we were sufficiently stuffed, there were Red Velvet cupcakes with Toasted Pecan Cream Cheese frosting and Mini Chocolate chips (I can’t ever make up my mind on that one).  It was glorious.  Even the red stains on the white T-shirts couldn’t get me too riled up- just let them soak in the tub for awhile while I watch Jersey Shore, I’ll take care of them in the morning.

I have 7 weeks, give or take until my maternity leave ends.  Every Sunday until then is going to be an apron Sunday.

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2 Comments on “Sunday I wore an apron.”

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