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Thursday fail.

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It’s been a long week here at The Little House.  My mom had a unilateral knee replacement on Monday so I’ve been on hospital/ Mom duty the past few days.  Not being home means the house looks like shit.  Not that Yogi Dad didn’t try to keep it together, it’s just…tough when you are the only one for 3 days and you have other things on your agenda.  I have a feeling the next few weeks will be kind of crappy on the house cleaning/ tidying/ sanity home front.

On top of a messy house (I’m talking messy folks.  As in for the past 8 hours I have been nursing a baby who won’t settle down while my toddlers run wild in any room they can get into.)  I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.  Probably for the reasons mentioned above.  Messy house.  Haven’t been grocery shopping.  Mom’s gimpy knee.  Beautiful baby who only wants to suck the life out of me through my nipples.  It’s catching up to me and it kind of feels like suck.

I’m escaping to Target here in a few minutes.  We have a wedding to attend tomorrow and breastfeeding baby has nothing appropriate for such a festivity.  He can’t really wear his “I only cry when ugly people hold me” Onesie now, can he? 

At least I get to watch Real Housewives tonight.  I never thought I’d like that show, but I do.  I am excited for it from the moment I wake up in the morning.  I might never work on a Thursday night again!

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