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Getting by.

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On Thursdays and Fridays it’s just me and the boys.  Me and three boys. 

I am scared shitless at 7am when my husband walks out the door and leaves me.  This makes me feel like crap because he is never afraid to be alone with the boys, he does it with ease, even if there is a mess left in his wake. 

First up? Breakfast.  Feed L and W before the baby starts shrieking to be nursed.  Too late.  Keep the boys occupied in their seats while I finish nursing J.  Clean up sticky hands and faces and if I forgot bibs- sticky bellies too.  Clean up high chairs and pick up offending pieces of food that were tossed to the floor. Actually, call the dog to clean up the floor.  Yes. Less bending over.

Coffee.  Make it dark enough to not lose it’s strength when masked with whole milk and sugar.  Drink as much as I can while standing at the counter waiting for “The Show” to end.  The Show being Super Why.  Can’t get enough of that Whyatt. 

The Show is done.  Read books.  Play with Little People.  Totally disregard the fact that someone is on the computer and has opened 8 windows to the wiki page for methamphetamine.  Odd.  Also, the webcam is no longer on a stand, just a ball on the end of a cord rolling around atop the desk.  Oh Well.

J wants to be fed.  Again.  This kid is nothing if not famished at all times.  He likes to take his time, enjoy the experiences. Savour every drop.  It’s exhausting.  Things are crashing in the bedroom.  Books?  No one is crying.  I’ll see what happened later.  It’s almost 10.  I know we’re trying to switch our nap to an afternoon nap but they seem kind of restless…maybe they need a nap at 10.

10am.  Time for a nap.  “Let’s march!”  Two heads snap to attention and grab the nearest blanket and head for the bedroom.  I’m not sure when this obedience is going to end but until that day I am going to relish in the fact that they go, willingly, to bed and nap every single day.  They may jump in their beds for awhile once they are in there, but they go.

Today nap might come early.

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One Comment on “Getting by.”

  1. 1 John Clotfelter said at 6:09 am on September 17th, 2010:

    You are doing great honey

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