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Baby’s Gotta Eat.

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Every Mom has to figure it out at some point: how am I going to feed this baby? 

We’ve all heard that “breast is best”, but what if that’s not working out?  What if you spend literally all day and night switching Baby A from the left to the right, then Baby B from left to right, then pumping until your milk stops flowing, then supplementing what you pumped with a finger feeder and then ohmifuckinggod it’s time to start all over again?! And even with supplementing those few ounces of pumped breast milk your babies are still hungry because, well, even with the constant emptying of the breast and frequent popping of fenugreek you can’t produce enough milk. 

Then what?

Well, obviously you let you let your child starve because formula is the devils drink and milk bank milk is more expensive than gold and you did give it your best shot.  Obviously.

Seriously. What’s a mother to do?

Be shamed by the lactivists every time I offer my baby a bottle when I’m out?  Who’s to say I didn’t shed tears while pumping  those precious ounces in that BPA Free bottle?  Not that anyone would ask- they would just assume I’ve taken the “easy” route and cracked open a can of formula.  Let’s just be clear- when breastfeeding broke down and then my milk went dry even though I was pumping 8-10 times a day it was NOT an easy pill to swallow. 

And I’m not alone in that.

There’s been a lot of talk about breastfeeding the past few weeks.  From Giselle lamenting that all women should be required (required!) to breastfeed for 6 months.  To poor baby Matthew who lost his mother and will now be the recipient of donated breast milk from all corners of the country thanks (or not, if you are want to stay away from controversy) to MckMama. To the latest recall of Similac powdered formula because it may contain beetles and their larvae. It’s got tongues a waggin’ and fingers a clickin’ and in the end, no one wins.

In the end, you make choices.  Whether it’s you first choice or your last choice, sometimes formula is your only option.  And sometimes it’s recalled (because thankfully it’s regulated in this country). And sometimes that sucks.  In the end, your baby’s gotta eat. When the tap goes dry and you don’t have a kings ransom set aside for milk bank milk and you aren’t willing to risk untested but lovingly donated milk from strangers you are probably going to end up at Target, perusing the various canisters of formula. 

And no mother should feel guilty about that.

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