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Breastfeeding Welcome?

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While we were in Missoula I finally had the chance to meet up with one of the ladies I had met on my iVillage expecting club board when I was pregnant with the boys.  My husbands aunt had suggested we go to a local restaurant called Caffe Dolce for dinner one night and when I saw an ad for Caffe Dolce in Mama Lode magazine that proclaimed “Breastfeeding Welcome” I figured it was a good pick.  We could eat dinner with the family and then I could meet Karen for dessert, nursing would not be a problem…it was perfect!

Dinner was lovely, don’t get me wrong.  The menu was a little sophisticated for kids (they didn’t have a kids menu) but we were happy to order a pizza for the boys.  Soon after we ordered, little Judah started to stir.  He wanted to eat.  I first offered the bottle of (precious) pumped milk.  He devoured it in no time flat.  He was still hungry.

Time to break out the big guns. 

I have breastfed in cars. I have breastfed in a baseball stadium. I have breastfed in waiting rooms and doctors offices and on occasion in restaurants. I use a cover, mostly for my comfort, although it’s not his favorite.

I have never in my life been so uncomfortable breastfeeding in a public place.

Maybe it was the wide open room where you could see everyone and everything.  Maybe it was the cold, hard, straight back chair with no arms that made it difficult to get comfortable (my only other option was a stool at a high-top). Maybe it was the fact that the infant seat had (moments before) almost slipped off of the highchair with my child in it and I was a bit frazzled after catching him midair while holding a forkful of pasta. 

I couldn’t get a good latch. My leg and arm were going numb trying to keep him elevated so he could nurse. I was ready to burn my nursing cover by the end I was so irritated.

Breastfeeding welcome my ass.

Seems to me Caffe Dolce was trying to capitalize on a brouhaha last year where a woman was asked to stop breastfeeding her child at the Red Robin. It caused quite a stir, for good reason. I don’t need a welcome mat rolled out to breastfeed, it’s my right by law.

By stating in their ad that breastfeeding was “welcome”, I assumed that there would be a level of comfort afforded me. There was no comfort.  They didn’t even have a kids menu for Pete’s sake.  What do you think happens to these breastfed babies when they grow up?  You’d think it would be easy enough for a pizza and pasta joint to throw together a simple kids menu. Every other restaurant we went to had a kids menu and even the brewery had games for kids to play! But that’s neither here nor there.

I chose this place to spend a pretty good chunk of time based on that ad alone. They presented themselves as 100% family friendly.

How many women have done the same and felt less than thrilled with the experience?

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One Comment on “Breastfeeding Welcome?”

  1. 1 Jenna said at 12:55 pm on October 30th, 2010:

    I don't know how you do it, Erin. I'm hoping to breastfeed once I have kids of my own but it sounds like a lot of work. To be honest, I'll be proud of myself if I can do it for half as long as you've already been doing it. You are one dedicated mama!

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