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Baby and the Brewery.

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The Tasting Room from www.bayernbrewery.com

On our last day in Missoula we had plans with Yogi Dad’s Uncle Mike to visit the Bayern Brewery.  I had been going back and forth on this one all week.  I love beer.  I love breweries.  I love breweries in Missoula Montana.  I love drinking beer in breweries in Missoula Montana. Yogi Dad recently made the decision to exclude alcohol from his diet.  And there was the whole baby always attached to me looking for something to eat thing. So, what would be the point?

Thursday came and we decided to go.  I did have some glasses that needed replacing after all.

Let’s just say, I had a blast.

With a sleeping baby attached to me the entire time.

Yep. I drank beer while wearing my baby. 

I had a pint of Dragon’s Breath. Then I had a sample of the Dancing Trout (which I called Dangling Trout…whatevs).  Then I tried Yogi Dad’s Dopplebock(he lifted his policy for this occasion) and ordered myself a sample of the St. Wilber Weizen, then a pint of St. Wilber.  There was a Dump Truck in there somewhere.  I think between the samples and sips and pints I tried almost every beer on their menu. 

There were all spot on and delicious.  The most surprising thing to come out of the day was that my favorite beer was the St. Wilber’s Weizen.  I’m a dyed in the wool dark beer girl.  Totally out of left field that one.  Another revelation?  I wasn’t the only one there with a kid. 

It was a fantastic time and I replaced one of my broken pint glasses with this bute. 

Favorite moments of the day?  When the old-timer sitting at the bar passed around a plate of venison sausage for everyone to try.  That’s how they do it in Missoula.

*photo from www.bayernbrewery.com

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