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My Achilles Heel

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I love getting Christmas cards.  I love making Christmas cards.  Before I had kids I would sit down and make them by hand.  Now I can’t even be bothered to write them out.  Enter the photo card.  I just upload some pics, drop a credit card and viola.  Done.

But…I am absolutely abysmal at actually getting them addressed and out the door in time for the holidays.

Last year I diligently addressed them on my lunch breaks at work and never sent them out.  Not one.  That is not awesome.

Enter Shutterfly!

50 Free Photo cards for bloggers who blog about this deal. 

Seriously.  Where is the guilt if I don’t get them out on time or at all?  It’s not like I paid for them, right?  Well, I’ll probably feel guilty about throwing them out, but not as guilty as I would if I’d thrown down cash for them.

So this year I’m going to get it done.  Addressed, stamped and in the mail.  Hopefully by Christmas.   Or maybe I should get New Year’s cards.  Or, if I’m really late…a couple of Mother’s Day cards.  Because I’m super bad about printing pictures in general.  A fact that my Mom doesn’t let me forget, like, EVER. 

I’m getting in on this one.  And, if you are a blogger who likes to do things on the cheap, you should too.

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