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Family Portraits!

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When I was pregnant with the Buddha I was determined that while I was on maternity leave we were going to have our family portraits taken.  We’ve never had them done and I figured now was a good time to start.  If you know me at all, you probably know I’m not down with the whole portrait studio thing.  For what they are charging and the results they get I’d much rather put my money towards a photographer who is going to meet me at a site of my choosing and take the time to get to know my family a bit.

Enter Leah Maria Photography.

I’ve been following Leah’s blog since way back before either of us had kids.  Through the years I’ve read as she’s jumped into her dream of having a photography business.  First second shooting weddings, doing a bit of family work and now shooting weddings with her own second shooter.  Along the way she’s had a son, a cutie with curls to die for.  I’ve really enjoyed her blog and count her as one of my “followers” over at Players to be Named Later.

There was no question as to who we were going to hire to take these photos.  It was Leah all the way.

She was great.  She even worked with me when I cancelled our first appointment because I thought maybe just *maybe* my legs would still be suffering from post-partum edema.  Who wants all that extra swelling showing up in their pics when you’ve already got the extra weight hanging on as it is?  Not this girl.

We met in early September on a Sunday afternoon.  We chose the Father Hennepin Park area since it’s close to home and has a few different options for  backgrounds- the park, Stone Arch Bridge and if we were really feeling ambitious, the Mill City Ruins across the river.  Plus it was like 2 minutes from our house, so it was perfect.

Of course we get there and there are tents and people everywhere…early Octoberfest celebration.  Not awesome.

We managed to find a little nook away from the fray and had our shoot.  It was perfect.  Well, Judah didn’t open his eyes the entire time, but it was still pretty good.  She really has a way with kids, you can tell she wrangles a toddler boy on a daily basis and even strapped with cameras she had no qualms about chasing them down and bringing them back to where they need to be.  Awesome, considering I had my hands full with the baby and John was doing his best to keep one in check.

I’m really happy with the results.  She even managed to sneak in a mini newborn shoot where she got all those special detailed newborn shots- the feet, hands etc.  Something I never did with the boys.  Yogi Dad even commented before we had the car doors closed that we should hire her for the next set of photos, whenever that may be.  Pretty good coming from Yogi Dad.

Now I have to pick my favorites and get them printed.  One more thing I fail at time and time again…

Check her out if you are in the Twin Cities Metro area!

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