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Happy Birthday.

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My Boys are two.

Last year we sat in awe of the fact that we all survived 365 days together- what with not ever sleeping through the night.  This year I sit in awe of the changes they’ve made since then.

*Sleeping through the night.  A big one for sure.  A goal we didn’t reach until 13 months.  It was an amazing feat and I don’t know that we would have appreciated it as much if it had happened earlier.

*Walking.  I know there were a few steps here and there before, but not long after their birthday they both took off.  They haven’t stopped since.

*Climbing.  The house is their jungle gym and there isn’t anything they won’t try to climb.  Lucky for us the one thing they listen to is “Please get down safely”. 

*Hitting/ Biting/ Stealing/ Fighting.  Yep.  They’ve done all of those things.  I hope biting is a thing of the past but I imagine the others are here to stay for awhile.

*Table manners…we’re trying to put an end to dinners ending up on the floor, it’s a slow process but much better than it was even 3 months ago.  They still like the comfort and confinement of a high chair, boosters will do in a pinch but end up on the floor.  We are a long way off in mastering the use of a fork and spoon, grubby little hands get it done so much faster.

*Bath time.  One of their favorite things.  It can induce heart attack like symptoms when Wyatt lays on his belly with his face in the water (which was more than likely peed in) but it’s high on the list of favorites.

*Books.  Singing the Alphabet song.  Letters in general.  An obsession I am guessing does not begin and end with my kids.  If this leads to a life-long love of reading, sign them both up.  This probably falls ahead of bath time on the favorite things  scale.  It’s probably above everything actually.

*Words.  Not many to speak of, but we’re working on that.  Not to say they aren’t hella noisy.  Because they make plenty of noise.

*The Slide.  Last year we stuck with the swings.  This years there have been slides in every size and shape.  Some scarier than others, some run of the mill.  They both love to slide.  Although I’m pretty sure Lincolnton is not going to forget the biggest, twistiest slide he was sent down by  Yogi Dad…ALONE.  Let’s just say Mom should have been prepared to catch her backwards, headfirst, first-born.

*You still don’t pay any attention to JB, but I’m sure that is coming. 

I’m looking forward to the next year more than you could ever know.

I love you my boys.  You’ll always be my babies, even when you are bigger than me.

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  1. 1 Molly said at 3:22 pm on November 16th, 2010:

    Happy belated birthday boys.

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