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The Nap Skipper

Posted: November 22nd, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Misc. | Tags: Fail, Lincoln | 3 Comments »

Lincolnton has decided he is no longer required to take naps.

This throws a bit of a wrench into our days as Wyatt flops down and sleeps at the drop of a hat, waking up 2-3 hours later, quite refreshed and ready to go.  Lincoln on the other hand would rather jump in his crib for an hour or two or noisily call to us as he reads his books in bed.  Skipping the nap doesn’t leave him bright eyed and bushy tailed as you can imagine.  More like a red-eyed dictator, shouting orders, looking like he’s coming off a bender and falling asleep in his dinner.  It’s unbecoming.

Yes.  We’ve regressed back to falling asleep in our dinner here.  This is something we haven’t seen since our pre- CIO days when there were no naps and no sleeping through the night.  Most nights we remove him from his seat as soon as he starts to fall asleep and he wakes up, mad as hell.  Last night we let him sit in his seat until he woke up on his own.  He woke up and picked up right where he left off, finishing up his dinner and breaking out the smiles and the giggles like we hadn’t seen all day.  A 15 minute upright nap complete with jerky head bobs was apparently what the doctor ordered.

I’m not sure I think that’s the best policy- letting him sleep at the table, but it seemed to work for him.  Today we let him whine it out in his room and he’s asleep now.  Wyatt has been sleeping for awhile, we’ll see who wakes up first.  I’m not ready for him to drop two naps, one I can handle, but not two.  He obviously needs the sleep I just don’t know why he fights it so hard.

What do you do when one twin refuses a nap?  Am I right that 2 is too young to drop naps?  Please tell me 2 is too young to drop naps…then tell me what to do.

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3 Comments on “The Nap Skipper”

  1. 1 bmk said at 5:51 pm on November 22nd, 2010:

    Surely not what you want to hear– and keep in mind every kid is different– but both mine were down to 1 afternoon nap by 2. Partly b/c they both went to school for three hours a day by the time they were 2 as well….so we would come home, eat lunch and then name from 12:30-3p.m.

  2. 2 erinclot said at 6:32 pm on November 22nd, 2010:

    I'm fine being down to 1 nap, it's the *no* naps that is getting me down. I hope it's a phase!

  3. 3 charity said at 9:41 am on November 23rd, 2010:

    All of my kids(4) started taking only one afternoon nap before they were one. My youngest is 2 and he is also refusing naps, not every day but most days. My now 4 yr. old stopped taking rountine naps about 2 as well. Both of my young ones are boys, my girls I think took naps even through Kindergarten. When they got home from school they would nap after lunch. Good Luck Erin!

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