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Gross, and gross to you.

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We’re all caught up on our vaccinations now!  I was going to make an appointment for next week when it was more convenient but Judah seems to have developed a nasty little case of thrush.

I suppose it was only a matter of time, but it’s pretty gross.  Thankfully, thus far it has not made the leap to me.  Again, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

So anyway, I called to see if we could get in today and made an appointment.  While we were there ( can I just say I had the happiest baby on earth with me today- he was just a gem!) they got us all caught up and we’ll have his 4 month appointment in a few weeks.  I also rescheduled the boys 2 year appointment. 

On the way home I was sitting in traffic outside of The Walker, minding my own business, feeling very accomplished after all of this.  Thinking about driving to Target and filling prescriptions and rewarding myself with that Sonic Chocolate Coke I wanted last night, when I was rear ended.

Awesome.  Or opposite of awesome.

We’ve got some slippery, sloppy streets out there tonight in Minneapolis, let’s be careful folks.

Lucky for me I was hit by the nicest guy who apologized and thanked me about 10 times for not freaking out.  Seriously, what was I going to do- it happens.  He gave me all of his info and requested that if the damage wasn’t high dollar that he’d rather I not go through his insurance.  In reality I don’t think I have any damage at all.  We’ll see what she drives like the next few weeks and make the call on whether or not to bring her in. 

When I got home, Yogi Dad made the trek to Target and 16 hours later he returned with my Chocolate Coke and bagful of prescriptions.  Did I mention yeast is super gross?  Also?  The roads.  If you don’t have to drive, I think it’s a good idea to stay home tonight.

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