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That’s the hashtag I’ve been following on Twitter all day today.  Minnesotans get downright giddy when the snow really piles up!

If you live in Minnesota you know we are getting dumped on out there.  All week they’ve been talking about it, at first they were a bit cautious.  You don’t want to compare it to the Blizzard of 91 and have it totally miss us.  Then as we got closer, the meteorologist were pretty excited. 

It snowed all night.  And all morning and afternoon and evening.  They called off the plows this afternoon and will be sending them back out here around 9pm (according to MPR).  When the plows can’t stay ahead of the game, you know it’s bad.  I had someplace to be at 9am and although we tried (very very hard) to get my car off the street this morning, I wasn’t going anywhere.  I did go back to bed after this attempt thinking we might get a plow down our street so I could get out to go to work tonight.  We *did* get one swipe (we’re a day 2 and 3 street so they only do a quick run down the middle) but it didn’t make much difference.  We tried to dig out a few hours later, you know, to see if the extra snow that had fallen had made it easier to move either car, and I still wasn’t going anywhere.  Finally, I made the call.  No work tonight.  Unless Yogi Dad was going to not only dig me out from the lovely curbside parking, but then shovel a nice wide path all the way to University where conditions were a bit better, I was staying put. 

I can only think of one other time I’ve missed work because of snow, it was pre-kids.  We both called in and walked up to Gardens of Salonica to have lunch.  It was hard work hoofing it in the snow, but a lot of fun.  We had lots of snow when I was home on leave after the boys were born, my tires even got frozen in place and I had to get pulled out by a truck so we could move my car before I was towed during a Snow Emergency!  Nothing this bad though, this accumulation is pretty brutal. 

I’m actually pretty pumped for the snow.  We live in Minnesota.  We’re supposed to have snow.  I have great memories of snowy winters. Moon boots and crappy mittens with crumbly foam insides.  skating on the pond across the street, sledding at Elm Creek, warming houses and that rubbery floor they always have.  Hmmm.   That picture up there?  That’s me in the red and my Mom holding my sister Ryon, so I’m guessing it’s one of the big storms from January 1982.  That’s the snow I remember.  Winters have been pretty dry the past few years. 

I wonder if my boys will have the same memories of winter.  Yogi Dad bundled up Wyatt at one point to take him on a sled ride around the block.  Wyatt was totally psyched when we were getting him geared up and as soon as he opened the porch door he was in tears.  They made it about 20 feet down the sidewalk before turning around.  Poor Wyatt.  He’s going to be awfully disappointed if he gets that worked up over some snow.   I guess we’ll have to pin our hopes on skating over skiing with these kids.

So, after dinner and baths we enjoyed our evening all snuggled in our jammies.  The boys shared a big bowl of popcorn and we watched Frosty the Snowman and some other weird Frosty spin-off that followed it.  We put the boys to bed a bit later and now I’m going to attempt to stay up all night so I can sleep tomorrow.  

I’ll of course be listening for the sweet sound of snowplows tonight.

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9 Comments on “#snOMG”

  1. 1 Jen J. said at 10:42 pm on December 11th, 2010:

    I remember the blizzard of ’91. (who the hell am I kidding? EVERYONE remembers that one). I remember it b/c we almost had to cancel my birthday party. The cute boy I invited actually snowshoed to my house.

  2. 2 Jenna said at 9:51 am on December 12th, 2010:

    I'm stuck at home too. Not because my car is stuck, but because yesterday Sam used my car to bring Kailey home and go to work, and today it's mom's turn. I think I'm going to attempt making cinnamon rolls without yeast. And clean. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm glad you stayed home though. Katy saw a city bus in the ditch. Then they called off all public transportation. What side of the street will I be parking on tomorrow??

  3. 3 erinclot said at 9:38 pm on December 12th, 2010:

    Park on the church side. Without yeast eh…did they turn out?

  4. 4 julie said at 8:43 pm on December 12th, 2010:

    I do love this picture. I miss the old snow days of winter.
    The boys will grow to love the snow just like you did.

  5. 5 erinclot said at 9:38 pm on December 12th, 2010:

    It's a favorite of mine too.

  6. 6 Korey J said at 4:54 pm on December 13th, 2010:

    I was curious to know how the snow was treating you and the family. Consider it an unexpected vacation. By the way, I see you have cooking tagged here so if you have not seen Julie and Julia I highly recommend it. My “significantly significant other” and I enjoyed it. Stay warm and stay sane.

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