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Year in Review

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I saw this on another blog and thought it might be interesting to see our journey through the year via blogging.  I’m posting the first sentence of the first blog post for each month- a lot of these will be from Players to be Named Later.

January: I don’t remember the last time I was actually awake to ring in the new year- it was long before I had kids I know that!
February:  We went to the Children’s museum last night and had a great time.
March:  *****I’ll be frank- this post is about poop. You might want to turn around now if you’re in the middle of lunch. Consider yourself warned.*****
April:  Lincoln wonders what to do next.
May: It’s true.  I can’t help myself.
June:  I finally hit the 32 week mark yesterday- nothing significant about that except I now have appointments every two weeks.
July:  Yesterday morning we took our annual 4th of July weekend trip up to Big Pine.
August:  I was really dragging my feet on cutting the boys hair.
September:  I have these aprons. 
October:  The past 24 hours or so I’ve had a crazy amount of energy.
November:  All good things come to an end.
December:  We have the boys on the Dr. Sears alternative vaccination schedule.

I was kind of surprised to see that not *every* post was a woe is me post about the horrors of pregnancy.  If I think back to the past year, that’s pretty much what comes to mind.  That and my wonderful boys and husband.

I think it’s been a pretty good year, considering how bumpy the road is at times.

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