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My Wyatt

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Wyatt was our surprise.
We had hoped and planned and wished for one and there on the screen that fateful day was my Wyatt. Hiding out in the corner of the screen above his brother.
He was always the smaller twin although he’s not that much smaller now.
He was later to sit and crawl and walk, but not by much.
He was the first to get a tooth and the first to talk.
When we first came home from the hospital I would sleep with him in the crook of my arm at night. My little 5 pounder. I think I felt guilty for only visiting him twice while he was in Special Care those 24 hours. Not that he was really alone up there, we had to divide and conquer.
He had the cutest little smoker’s cough when he was wee, and he was grunty as all get-out.  He’d keep me up all night long with his grunting and coughing and general noisiness.  He, of course, slept through it all. 
He HATED to nurse. Didn’t want anything to do with it.
He’s always had his little things he’s done.
First the rolling back and forth in his crib. Then the rolling back and forth with his arms in the air. The spinning. The little facial expressions. The getting right in your face and lightly tapping you with his forehead. Most of the time it’s lightly. The sitting on the couch or chair and endlessly bouncing off the back cushion.
It all kind of makes sense.
Now instead of letting him bounce as long as he’d like, we get his attention elsewhere after a few minutes. Alternately if we notice him starting to go downhill and head towards a tantrum we sit him on the couch and see if he’ll bounce it out.
Most of the time he does.
We are learning how to let these self-soothing techniques work without totally indulging them.
We are learning to embrace the things that make him Wyatt.
Most of the time I just want to grab him and hug him as tight as I can and not let him go, but he’s 2, and that’s not really an option.
He is a fairly happy kid, as easy going as they come.  Until something starts to bubble under the surface.  He’s going to be a handful in different ways than his brother.
We are learning that even though we have identical twins, they aren’t the same.  I’ve known that in the back of my mind (obviously there are TWO of them), but somehow it’s been easy to put them in the same bucket like they are one and the same.
I’m embracing Wyatt in all of his Wyatt-ness

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4 Comments on “My Wyatt”

  1. 1 Jen J. said at 5:36 am on January 22nd, 2011:

    I love that you wrote a post just about him. Kind of affirms that he’s unique even though he’s a twin. I always wondered how parents relate to twin children.

  2. 2 @LincolnAndMe said at 6:35 pm on January 22nd, 2011:

    Lovely post :o) and lovely name xxx

  3. 3 Tat said at 8:16 am on February 3rd, 2011:

    I'm following you from the breastfeeding blog hop. Recently, I've been speaking with lots of mums of twins and it amazes me how different twins can be.

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