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Something different.

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Wow.  There’s been a  lot of talk about breastfeeding here lately, let’s change it up a bit, shall we?

Thursday we had a home visit with someone from the boys school.  I think it went pretty well.  We went over hand over hand play and talked a bit about turn- taking.  It’s so crazy to have to teach your kids how to play.  Like actually engage in play.  You really don’t understand until you have to do it.  There is no letting them just go off and play for an hour, because they won’t actually do anything…they’ll just kind of be with their toys.  It’s something we are having to actively learn how to do here.  One win since they started school is we haven’t had anymore mass dumping of the toy bins and what I call “toy-swimming” where they just sit in their pile of toys.  They have been a bit more focused in that respect.

Confession time.  I for one am way out of my comfort zone.  I’m good with babies, not with kids.  I’m not one to get down and play with toys.  I have never been one for baby talk or getting really animated in front of other adults (I can do it in my own home, no problem) and that is something that they really need- lots of attention needs to be drawn to the task at hand, lots of sounds and excitement and tickles added in for good measure.  As soon as it stops, they disengage.  Almost instantly.  I feel like this is my test, I need to get over myself and get in there and do it.  Maybe it goes back to Sarah Peterson making fun of how I ran in gym class, I don’t know but it’s time to let it go.

Overall it sounds like they are doing well in school though.  I know we’ve only had five days, but they seem to be making the transition well.  They are pretty easy going though.  I’m interested to see how things work out with PECS, it sounds like they are taking to it well and I can’t wait for them to get far enough along in it that we can start using it at home.  I think it will take a lot of frustration out of our days.  I’ll be patient on this one though.

I think we’re going to start looking into some extra therapy each week- occupational and speech to be specific.  Two days a week is a good start (they are only 2), but I think we could do better adding in something else so our week isn’t two days on and five days off.  One of the things we talked about was how they would benefit from more Sensory Integration based therapy.  These boys are all about the snuggles and tickles and engage best when they are in those situations, we’re going to start looking into something in that vein as well. 

We continue to build up our support network.   I had the pleasure of tweeting with @theautismmom last night on Twitter and it was so interesting to talk to someone who’s story was so parallel to ours.  I feel good about where we are in our journey so far. 

It’s one day at a time around here.  Jenna is still in the hospital, we’re hoping she gets out on the 17th.  She’s still pretty weak so they will be sending her home in a wheelchair.  It’s amazing just how quickly you can get that sick.  You don’t really know until you’ve been in that situation.  We’re glad she’s on the mend and we’re glad we are in a position to have the support that we do.  The ability for me to stay at home full-time, the fact that I had already talked to my employer about leaving in March so it wasn’t a total bomb when I had to quit on short notice, the fact that my MIL could stay with us the week Jenna was the sickest…it’s like somehow we were set-up to deal with this.  I think everyone involved can attest to this month being a total blur.

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One Comment on “Something different.”

  1. 1 Jen J. said at 9:13 pm on February 12th, 2011:

    I didn’t know there were occupational therapists for toddlers. I’m amazed how on top of everything you are – new school, being a SAHM, coordinating home visits & therapy and adjusting and all.

    Glad to hear your sister is improving, too.

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