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It’s a Trap!

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We co-sleep. 

It’s no secret that I think it has totally saved both my sanity, Yogi Dad’s sanity and my breastfeeding relationship with Judah.  I have no clue how many times he wakes up at night because, well, he just latches when he’s hungry and goes back to sleep when he’s done.  Sometimes I need to flip the both of us over so we can switch sides, but I don’t always remember doing this, he let’s me know when it’s time.

This has not come without sacrifice.  My dear Yogi Dad, he has become the master of sleeping on his side- we both give this kid a wide swath of bed to sleep in, you know, because you have to be safe co-sleepers.  We have a co-sleeper, the Tank has outgrown, we only used it when I was working and Yogi Dad was home alone.  I guess now we are straight-up bed sharing.  I think more than anything, we are in want of a bigger bed, Judah can stay as long as he wants.  A wall-to-wall mattress on the floor would be nice.  Not that we’d actually use all the space, I’m sure I’d still be huddled on the edge, it’s just how it goes.

I am so grateful that we’ve been able to make this work, this co-sleeping, side nursing circus that we have going.  If any one of us had decided it wasn’t going to work we’d be in a bit of a predicament.  Less sleep, less room, I’m sure my supply would drop even more without the constant nursing throughout the night.  The ability to do this has made this journey so much better than it could have been.  There are nights where everyone needs a bit more room and someone ends up on the couch.  And that’s just fine with us, my dream at this point is to someday sleep on my back for an entire hour (the dreams of a co-sleeping side nurser are simple). 

But Judah has this thing he does.  It’s the one thing that makes me crazy…he puts his arm under my body.  So if he’s sleeping and I want to get up (because it’s morning and he’s still sleeping and omg I can make coffee and pee in peace!!!) I am stuck.  As soon as I get up, move my body off of his little arm, he’s awake.  I’ve tried to make sure his arm is somewhere else, but it always ends up under me…it’s his Mom Trap.  He doesn’t let me get very far away.  What a little trickster!

All traps aside, I think I’m one of the most well-rested mom’s out there and I only have co-sleeping to thank.

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5 Comments on “It’s a Trap!”

  1. 1 Tat said at 7:17 am on February 16th, 2011:

    I think they all design their own trap. My babies used to put their legs on top of me. Then the moment I get up (to go to the toilet, mind you, and coming back), they woke up and started screaming.

  2. 2 Darcy said at 10:10 pm on February 19th, 2011:

    My daughter likes to clutch my shirt…impossible to escape without her noticing!

  3. 3 mrsleahmaria said at 10:10 am on February 25th, 2011:

    Oh my gosh Erin, trap or not this is adorable. 🙂

  4. 4 Texas Momma said at 7:26 pm on February 2nd, 2012:

    My little co-sleeper has her own trap too…she uses my arm for a pillow so it's impossible for me to escape without disturbing her!

  5. 5 Amanda J. said at 5:04 pm on February 10th, 2012:

    ohhh we did this too! I remember the flip for nursing the other side, but now Ijust kinda lay different to switch sides. Thank Goodness we ahve a guest bed in the Little Bugs room. After about 3 months of the family bed, dad went back to our bedroom & I continue to sleep with Little bug. He stays in the crib from 8-12, then it's momma and big bed. He knows when I'm not their, and we have many MANY squeaks in our floor that prevent me sneaking back to my husband. The kid sleeps through anything, accept me leaving. gotta love 'em.
    My recent post Ughhhh….Election years make me so intolerant!

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