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I’m dreaming of…bloggers?

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It’s an odd thing, blogging.  On one hand it’s *just* my thoughts that I’ve put out there for the world.  On the other hand, it’s also my little piece of this Internet community.

People have pretty divided opinions on blogging.  Some people love it, think it’s great to keep those writing skills intact, share your story (because every story is important), citizen journalism and all that entails and maybe indulge a bit in the “Me Me Me” ness of it all.  Those people probably have blogs.  Others think it’s just a crock of shit.  They would probably be of the non-domain name owning variety.  I might be related to some of those people.

Some people have a particular agenda against MomBloggers, Her Bad Mother had a great post about that which left me speechless.

Here’s the thing about social media- it’s not all sitting in front of a screen, it’s not all anonymously toiling away at a keyboard.  It’s making connections.  Finding your people, your tribe.  Last weekend I had a Tweet-up with Jen from Life with Levi at a local indoor playground.  It was awesome.  We talked about kids and life and blogging.  Do you know just how great it is to talk, about blogging, out LOUD?  It makes you feel a little less crazy.  Correction.  It makes you feel A LOT less crazy.

Because for some people, blogging is a business, others a hobby and most somewhere in between.  It’s odd to think I’ve been blogging since January 2007 with 597 posts on Players to be Named Later and I’ve never made a dime.  Not a one.  So I’m squarely in the “hobby” camp I suppose.

I’m trying to ramp things up a bit though.

Since Judah was born I’ve spent so much more time in Social Media than I have ever imagined.  Hours logged on Twitter, something I had shunned in the past (Who needs Twitter…I have a BLOG!  pffft) I am on every time I nurse The Tank*.  Yogi Dad is on Twitter, he also blogs, both on PTBNL and his own super secret private passcode blog about bacon and unicorns.  Just kidding, he doesn’t talk about bacon.

I think you can say that Blogging and Social Media are firmly in my life.

So I suppose it was only a matter of time before Aunt Beckyshowed up in my dream.  Married to Kevin McHale (basketball fame, not Glee fame).  We were at a hockey game that was being played in my living room- not on a TV, actually being played in front of us.  Except my living room was actually an aisle in the electronics department of a Target store.  So, a hockey game, attended by famous people (blogging and otherwise) in my living room which happened to be a place I spent 15 years of my life.  We sat on lawn furniture and she helped me pack up my kitchen, which was located in the produce department….

Now if only The Pioneer Woman would show up and cook me lunch…

*It keeps my eyes from rolling into the back of my head.  Nursing is great, I love the bonding blah blah blah but after you do it 10 or so times a day for 6 months…you need a distraction.

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