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Bringing Home Baby: Then and Now

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Baby feet ready to leave hospitalWhen we brought Judah home from the hospital, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities and differences in that first days compared to the first days and weeks home with Lincoln and Wyatt

Both times we went to be discharged, someone (I’m looking at you Lincoln and Judah.) had a bilirubin spike leading to hours of testing and retesting and waiting for a discharge or an order to stay under lights.  Both times we went home under observation.  This first time it wasn’t a huge deal- we were worried about little Lincoln and wanted him to stay if he needed.  With Judah we just couldn’t believe it was happening the same way, again.  I was all packed up!  I had already played momtographer for hours!  I was Ready. To. Go. 

Eventually we found ourselves strapped into the old Focus barreling down the streets of Minneapolis with a 5 day old boy (I guess we only make the boy model in this house) strapped safely in the backseat.  They even wore the same coming home outfit.  I’m sentimental that way. 

It’s amazing they let you take something that small and fragile and priceless home!  I’ll never get over it.

Differences though…there were more of those.  Probably due to the whole “been there, done that” of it all.  Or maybe we just felt a little more prepared or maybe a little more like it was just another day (a great, awesome, happy, fun day) and life goes on.  Who am I kidding, we weren’t prepared for this at all.  I was still kind of freaking out over how my Big Boys were going to handle everything.  How I was going to deal with mothering all three of them.  And ohmigod I missed them.  I had never been away for so long.  I really just wanted to get home to my Lincoln and Wyatt.

So, what was different?
* With Lincoln and Wyatt it was a cold gloomy Sunday in November. 
* With Judah it was a bright sunny Sunday in August.

* With Lincoln and Wyatt we set them down in the middle of the living room and just looked at each other with that “Now What?” look on our faces and just stared at them for what seemed like hours.  In reality it was probably 10 minutes before they let in be known they were unhappy, but it seemed like hours.
* With Judah we brought him home, showed him to the boys, put him in his co-sleeper and carried on with our day.  I even unpacked my bags and put away gifts and found a home for the new plants!  Insanity!!!

* With Lincoln and Wyatt we were so nervous to be alone with them we had my Mom stop by to have pizza with us as we navigated caring for these little guys at home the first few hours.
* With Judah I wanted the evening to be our little family only.  Just the 5 of us.  I missed my boys so much!

* With Lincoln and Wyatt I was totally freaked about breastfeeding and pumping and agonized over every single ounce.  I even used a manual pump after every feeding (until I got my lovely Medela PISA when Grandma C arrived) as they were reluctant latchers and we supplemented after ever session with a dropper.
* With Judah I was still concerned, but he was a good latcher from day 1, so not as crazy as with the boys.  That would come later with the slow weight gain.

* With Lincoln and Wyatt I had no good schedule for pain management after a C-Section.  Those nurses just appear with drugs when you are in the hospital.  They don’t follow you home!  No one told me that.
* With Judah I had a schedule on the refrigerator that I followed until I was feeling less achy- about a week.

I think I was happier to be home this time around.  I really enjoyed both of my hospital stays but when you’ve got two kids and a bunch of out of town visitors at home you have fewer visitors during the day.  I missed seeing my little family.  I felt like I got a lot of great bonding in with Judah (he wanted to nurse nonstop pretty much the entire 5 days) but poor Yogi Dad didn’t. 

I was also very proactive about getting up and on my feet as soon as possible after my C-Section, so I was practically climbing the walls ready to go by day 3.  The first time around I was a bit apprehensive about getting up and walking and although I had a fairly swift recovery, I feel like this time was a bit easier.

I like it though.  Bringing home a baby.  It’s like finding a piece of the puzzle that you didn’t know was missing in the first place.

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  1. 1 Darcy @ TFTN said at 12:09 pm on March 27th, 2011:

    We totally did the "what now" stare when we brought Rissa home. I was also terrified that she wasn't in the car seat securely (or too snug).

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