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Friday Favorites

Posted: March 25th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Stream of Consciousness | 1 Comment »

I used to participate in a weekly blog Hop called Wishlist Wednesday put on by Jennifer over at The Foster Family and I loved that it gave me a chance to do a little online shopping, and most times a little hoping and well…WISHING. 

I’m going to switch it up a bit and list my favorite things instead.  I may have a theme, I may not, but as often as I can muster a post, I’ll do a Friday Favorites post.

So, for my inaugural Friday Favorites I’ve just got a smattering of things off the top of my head.

We’ve been wavering on the cloth front since the boys have been in school but it’s quite obvious that my stash of diapers is not doing it’s job if I am buying Club sized boxes ever 2 weeks (or less!).  So to get myself back in the mood, I got myself a new gDiaper for Judah.  I love the glam Black but they replaced it with Grubby Knees Gray and I think I love that just as much.  You can’t get anymore neutral (or cool) for an everyday diaper for a boy.

I’ve been cooking up a storm lately now that I’ve found a bit of a groove with this whole Stay at Home Mom business and one of my favorite new cookbooks to turn to when staring down a hunk of meat is The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Yogi Dad may not be as excited about the sudden upswing in gravy usage, but I haven’t heard any complaints!

I wasn’t sure what to think of this show when we first saw previews, but I’ve gotta say, I am totally in LOVE! I’m pretty excited that we upgraded the old cable and got our FX back because this one is truly a gem.

This one is kind of silly, but after doing 9 loads of laundry in the Scary Basement yesterday I was very happy to just be able to toss in a gelpack and go. They are even safe for my g’s!

This…this is just something I’ve wondered about. I’ve got this Hyland’s coupon burning a hole in my pocket from the recall of the teething tabs and I kind of want to try these. Anyone ever tried them? Hyland’s Calms Forte 4 Kids? We’ve got about 2 hours of jumping before heads actually hit the pillows as it is right now…it probably can’t hurt to try, right?

And finally, my newest addition’s to my pile of very neglected hair products. Deva Curl Mist-er Right which my sister gave to me and Aveda Be Curly Curl Control. I bought the latter after my last (much needed) hair appointment and I am making myself actually use it. How it is intended to be used! As in, I am actually drying my hair and attempting to style it. I know. Your jaw just hit the floor. It’s a whole new world.

So there you have it. One for every day of the week!

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One Comment on “Friday Favorites”

  1. 1 Stephanie M. said at 8:02 am on March 25th, 2011:

    I with ya on the DevaCurl!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The gel is great stuff, too. Helps tame the frizz and give me nice bouncy curls. Never thought I'd have curls to bounce, but yes…it's a whole new world.

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