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Little by Little {2011 in 2011}

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Today I finally tackled the remaining cupboards and kitchen storage.

I started under with the shelving unit near our back door. I had a stack of fancy tart and torte and springform pans that took a dive from the top shelf on Thursday night denting them beyond repair thus starting my “trash” pile. I wasn’t going to get rid of any of the pans actually, but there you go. Fate steps in and takes over. I haven’t used any of them since we’ve lived here, nearly 5 years. I just like having them just in case…I guess their early demise was a kick in the pants to just get rid of stuff already!

So I started there, moved to the under the sink cabinet which proved to be filled with almost empty bottles of lots of cleaning supplies and really old Glade Plugins. I also had a stash of Method Sweet Water oil refills that I had bought on clearance because they were my absolute favorite and I thought for sure I’d find my Method plug in, alas it was not to be. Into the donate pile, maybe someone else has the old style one and will find them useful.

I matched up all of our plasticware with lids, pulled out anything that came from my Moms to give back to her and got rid of all of the reusable coffee mugs that were missing lids. All my silicone bakeware that I want to love but really really hate- donated.

In the end I had 97 things leave my kitchen- 2 huge bags to donate, 6 Target bags of trash and a small pile for the recycling bin.

Next week? The biggest closet in the house. We’re sending the Big Boys away for the day so we can work with fewer distractions. It’s probably going to be the biggest purge to date.

Here is the breakdown:
Trash: 45 items
Donated: 37 items
Returned: 7 items
Recycled: 8 items
Total 97 items/ 327 items to date/ 1684 items to go

I can’t wait for that middle number to be higher than the last number!!!

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One Comment on “Little by Little {2011 in 2011}”

  1. 1 Jenna said at 2:33 pm on March 27th, 2011:

    God you make me want to clean…but not today! Katy's picking me up and we're going to Ridgedale. That Sephora giftcard is burning a hole in my wallet. I can't wait for Lincoln to sleep over next weekend. We're going to have a blast.

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