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Breastfeeding and Fertility

Posted: March 30th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Breastfeeding Blog Hop | 7 Comments »

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that my family might not want to read this post- you can direct yourselves over to Players to be Named Later and look at the three kiddos over there instead.

Because today we’re talking about sex.

Well, in general terms, but still…it seems weird to talk about sex when your Mom might be reading

OK. Here we go.

So apparently, one of the bonus features of this three ring circus we call breastfeeding is a fairly low rate of conception if you are exclusively breastfeeding at least in the first 3-6 months. It’s like 2% with typical use, I think only the IUD is better. Not bad.

Some rules to follow for Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM)
– keep baby close
– breastfeeding on cue (day and night)
– use breastfeeding to comfort your baby
– breastfeeding in a lying-down position for naps and at night
– using no bottles or pacifiers
(From Kellymom.com)

I’m not one to test this theory as we don’t follow rule #5 and I’ve proven again and again my ability to get pregnant quite easily- so it would probably be tempting fate. I’d like to think my dictator like stance on contraception in it’s various forms has made it so we were able to have kids when we wanted them and not sooner.

For example: After 13 years in retail I wanted a holiday off. So,we planned to conceive so I could have Christmas off. I think you’ll see this phenomenon in many Target stores across the country…it’s really the only way you’re going to get a holiday vacation. For the record I was due around December 8th and I delivered November 12th for a bonus of Thanksgiving off!

So, like I said, we’re not going the LAM route. Everyone can stop holding their breaths- any attempts at a 4th will be when we are ready. If we ever are ready, it is not ruled out at this point in time.

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7 Comments on “Breastfeeding and Fertility”

  1. 1 Kat B. said at 12:01 pm on March 31st, 2011:

    Wow. I would be holding my breath all the time and praying that I didnt get pregnant if I followed LAM, it seems like too many chances. Its kinda funny that you planned to get pregnant at a certain time to have the holidays off. I ended up getting them off on accident with my Sept baby and 3 months of maternity leave so I felt pretty blessed there.

    I found your blog through the Breastfeeding Blog Hop and I would love it if you could follow me back at http://hardtimesmom.blogspot.com.

  2. 2 nicole w said at 1:25 pm on March 31st, 2011:

    well i let you know how the LAM works bc unintentionally thats what were doing!!

  3. 3 Jen - Life With Levi said at 8:16 am on April 1st, 2011:

    I love that you worked your pregnancy into two holidays off, lol. I think it's great you posted info about LAM. I'm sure the rest of the BFBlogHop-ers will find it useful.

  4. 4 Darcy @ TFTN said at 9:47 pm on April 2nd, 2011:

    I'd go with LAM but my irregular cycle pre-baby would make me unsure still. Appreciate the info though!

  5. 5 erinclot said at 9:10 pm on April 5th, 2011:

    I could never do it. I'm way too paranoid. Also a bit of a control freak.

  6. 6 Janine said at 6:22 pm on April 3rd, 2011:

    We do all of those. So, I could have been having sex that entire time unprotected?? My baby just hit 6 months. Son of a bitch.

  7. 7 erinclot said at 9:09 pm on April 5th, 2011:


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