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Autism Awareness Month: Day 2

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Today is actually World Autism Awareness Day…and I unwittingly shipped both boys off for the weekend so we could get some work done on 2011 in 2011.  That’s OK.  I am sure they are having a great time.  Wyatt is busy destroying the plants at Grandpa’s and Lincoln is having Ice Cream before dinner at Grandma’s.  It doesn’t get better than that!

Lincoln waiting for breakfast

It also gives Grandma and Grandpa a bit of time to spend with the boys.  We’ve been seperating them the past 2 times they have gone for an overnight.  It makes it easier for Grandma and Grandpa and I think it’s nice to give the boys some some one on one time too.  Until last month they had always been together.  Pretty much been in the same room together actually, since 24 hours after they were born. 

Why is this camera always in my face?


That is a lot of togetherness.  Even if they don’t always acknowledge each other.

We can't leave out Judah!

These are pictures from yesterday.  Truth be told we were in our jammies until after naptime…

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