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Autism Awareness Month: Day 6

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Wyatt loves his alphabet.

First he had A-B-C-D

Then A-B-C-D-E-F

Then the entire thing.

Then he would say letters as he saw them when we were out and about.

Then it was pulling them out of a pile in order

Now it’s noticing when he is missing one.

Wyatt with Puzzle

It’s very easy to notice one letter missing in this puzzle!

We have letters on the fridge. 

We have letters in puzzle form. 

We have 5″ stuffed felt letters that he can push around in his grocery cart.

He sure loves his letters.

We are only about a month into this alphabet obsession and seems to be constantly changing, so who knows where it’s going to end.  Right now it’s a really great way to get him talking and engaging.

He likes to play games with the letters- you say one, he says the next one.  You say the next three, he says the next 3 and so on and so forth.  Another game is running from the fridge to where ever you are with one of the letters- you tell him what the letter is and he goes to get the next one.  A great way to wear him out before bedtime.  At least I think so.

Wyatt laughing

Wyatt is a pretty happy kid.

Who happens to like letters.

And laughing and tickling of course.

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One Comment on “Autism Awareness Month: Day 6”

  1. 1 KoreyJ said at 9:21 pm on April 6th, 2011:

    Great job engaging him and having him to learn the alphabet. Early intervention is always best.

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