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Breastfeeding Blog Hop week 14: Breast Care

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It’s Week 14 of the BFing Blog Hop!

Topic: Breast Care

Share your tips, advice, and experiences with breast care while breastfeeding.

I think I’ve been fairly lucky in this department so far.  I did have that endless run of thrush that we were passing back and forth for about 2 months that coincided with Judah taking a little chunk out of my nipple with his new little chompers causing horrific pain for about two weeks but leading up to that and since that passed things have been pretty smooth around here.

I almost resorted to a nipple shield during that time simply to let the skin heal but right when I was about to do that things started to get better and I decided to see how it would pan out and everything started working just fine on it’s own.  While Judah was taking the Nystatin for his thrush I was using an OTC anti-fungal cream and rinsing with a vinegar & water solution between feedings but as soon as we cleared the thrush we discontinued all of that.

Aside from that I have never had a need for creams or lanolin and think that rinsing with water (no soap!) and air-drying are pretty much the best tools you can use to keep everything clean and healthy.  Judah has had a great latch so that has prevented many issues.

I have never experienced mastitis and I really hope that at this point that never becomes an issue.  I believe this is an issue that pops up with engorgement and since I have the opposite problem I’m probably not likely to run into this.  I do have one duct that seems to get plugged every week or so.  It’s not painful and usually Judah can nurse it out so I haven’t had to resort to any extreme measures.

These breasts are working hard and they deserve to be treated gently.  Now if only Judah would listen to reason and take his frustration out on a teething ring instead of me we’d all be a little less skittish!


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