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Autism Awareness Month: Day 13

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I’m guessing with our upcoming crazy schedule I will probably skip more days- and that is OK!

So, Tuesday we had our meeting at the boys school to go over their ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) testing and get their new IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) which is basically an IEP for 2 year olds. The language of an IFSP focuses on what the family wants to see “The family would like to see Lincoln do _____.” Once they move to the 3 year class they’ll get an IEP. There was nothing new, nothing we hadn’t already heard, so it was a fairly easy meeting.

After everyone was in bed I read through both boys IFSP’s and looked at all of the things that were checked off that had them meeting the autism label and it kind of hit me. We’ve been operating under the premise that they are “high functioning” but what does that mean? No one outside of us or our family has used any label other than autism.

I know that the high and low functioning labels are not actual clinical labels. I also know that we’d all love to believe that we are dealing with something that is going to be relatively easy to keep under control.

But what if it’s not?

What if we are looking at low-functioning autism?

What does that change?

Who makes that distinction?

When is that distinction made?

I know a lot of this is wrapped up in the fact that they are only 2. I know we need to be patient and not dwell on labels. I know that those labels don’t make a difference because someone labeled low functioning may out-preform someone labeled high-functioning. I get it.

It’s difficult though. Everyone wants a label and I don’t know what to say. Everyone wants to believe they are in the best position here.

But what if we are all mistaking their happy, easy-going personalities for high-functioning?


So, after all of that heaviness on my brain today- I needed to do something fun, just me, out of the house and away from all of that.

So I went to a book reading/signing for Let’s Panic About Babiesby a couple of brilliant bloggers- Alice Bradley and Eden Kennedy. I got their early because all hell started to break loose after dinner and I just needed a break. I got some coffee, bought my book, found a comfy chair and started to read.

I was laughing out loud on the first page.

It was just what I needed.

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3 Comments on “Autism Awareness Month: Day 13”

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