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Something just for me.

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Last night I told Yogi Dad that I was going to get up at 4am to watch the Royal Wedding.  I don’t think he thought I was actually going to do it. 

I was prepared though.  After grocery shopping I stopped at Starbucks and got myself a venti Mocha with an extra shot to reheat when I got up- I figured a reheated Starbucks was going to be more enticing than anything else I was going to get at that hour.  I set my alarm clock for 3:45.  I fed Judah right before I went to bed in hopes he would stay asleep until I needed to get up.

It worked!  And I practically jumped out of bed all giddy with excitement like it was my OWN wedding day or something.

So there I was.  Me, the TV and all of Twitter.  It took me a few minutes to decide what coverage I was going to watch, but I finally just settled on CNN.  Judah woke up a few minutes before it started to *really* get good and my mocha was just what I needed.  Judah was a star nurser and went right to sleep, it was just like when he was wee.

I watched, I teared up, I turned it off at 9 so the boys could watch Super Why.  I took this energy and was productive.  Dishes!  Laundry!  I scrubbed out both cat boxes and cleaned the baby gate!  I made the most delicious apple pancakes and served them on my fancy pink crown plates!  We played and had lunch (also served on pink crown plates) and then I turned it back on and re-watched the entire thing when the boys went down for their naps.  I was sorting diapers, so I was still getting something done! 

It was kind of awesome. 

I remember watching Prince Charles and Diana get married with my Grandma, but it must’ve been a rerun years later.  I wouldn’t remember that from when I was three…would I?  Maybe they replayed it when her boys were born.  When Diana died I remember watching hours and hours and hours of coverage in my best friends dorm room in college.  We talked about using our student loan money to fly to England for the funeral.  For about 6 seconds.  We weren’t crazy.  Although it was before classes started, so we could have been back in time.  Just sayin’.

I don’t know what it is.  I don’t pay attention to The Royals any other day for the most part.  I haven’t watched or read any of the coverage leading up to this wedding, but somehow, it was always something I was going to make time in my day for.  You can count on me tuning in for any and all future weddings, births, coronations, funerals…I’ll be there.

For the record, I loved the lace, I loved the veil, I loved the uniforms and the boys choir and the kisses and the stolen glances and the song they played during the signing of the registries….I pretty much loved it all.

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  1. 1 Jenna said at 12:03 pm on April 30th, 2011:

    I loved it too! up until about 3:55am, I didn't really think I'd watch it but as soon as I turned it on, I couldn't look away.

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