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I’m playing around with affiliate links and “pages” and all sorts of stuff here lately getting ready for my Brand! New! Redesign! that is coming at the end of this month.

So I have some housekeeping questions:

Do people click on affiliate links?

Do they click on pages? (Pages are those tabs at the top of the blog…)

Should I put my affiliate links in the sidebar?———->

Should I scrap them altogether?

What do you think?

I’m going to post my very favorite things in the sidebar no matter what. That Canvas People deal? One of my absolute favorites. Seriously something to check out.

And you can bet THIS Stay At Home Mom is getting herself some $1.99 Mommy Cards to match her brand new blog…to pass around to all my Mommy friends….and maybe the mailman and the FedEx guy and the cashier at Target…That’s not weird!

Also? Friday Favorites! I’m going to be reviewing some of my favorite things for the kiddos. I’m talking T to the E to the A. That’s right! Tea Collection…Lovely stuff.

So things are happening here…STAY TUNED!

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