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I have an Announcement!

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I am kind of in love with Shutterfly.  (Did you hear they bought Tiny Prints?  (I kind of love Tiny Prints too.))

shutterfly logo

via google images

Is that so wrong?

Here’s the deal.
They make photo books easy.
They make sharing photos easy.
They make ordering photos easy.
And maybe my favorite of all…they have beautiful and fun and just all around lovely announcements…for any occasion. I just ordered Moving announcements last week!

Really, the only thing that could make me happier would be them addressing and mailing my Christmas cards when the time comes because I totally predicted it here. (I did NOT in fact get those Christmas Cards mailed. I still have them! I have been giving them to the appropriate people as I see them…but gosh if I just turned into a useless pile of Mom mush about a week before Christmas last year…)

Moving on!

Spring is a time of renewal…the leaves are unfurling into the breeze, flowers are popping through the ground, people are popping allergy meds like they are Tic-Tacs, baby animals are being born, maybe a few human babies are being born. They’ve got something for that. For the human babies. Or I suppose if you want to announce the birth of your pet lamb they can help you with that as well. That might be weird…

Then, of course there is Mother’s Day (it’s in two days folks…please tell me you’ve already thought about this) and then Father’s Day is right around the corner (June 19th) and then before you know it we’re headed into the 4th of July (When we should be adding a new baby to our family. A human baby. No, it’s not mine.) and then it’s almost August and I just might have to order some 1st Birthday invites for the birthday of the biggest, blondest baby boy I know. Seriously, he doesn’t have his own Twitter hashtag (#Judahthetank) for nothing!

My head is spinning just thinking about all of this. Anyone want to take over my family calendar and make sure I get everyone’s Birthday cards out on time? Achille’s Heel indeed.

If you have a blog you can registerfor a chance to get 50 free cards from Shutterfly. Not too shabby.

Who’s with me?

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One Comment on “I have an Announcement!”

  1. 1 MummyinProvence said at 2:42 pm on May 6th, 2011:

    Gaaaah! This just reminds me of how many photos I have YET to print … I must get onto it … 12m of beautiful baby pics NEED to get printed …. Will check if this works in France!

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