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BFBH Week 21: Success Stories!

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This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by Life with Levi every Thursday and Friday. Each week there is a new topic pertaining to breastfeeding, please feel free to link up your post and join in the conversation!

Last week when I finished writing my post I felt a bit jaded and maybe a bit sheepish for putting it all out there. It was such a downer post. Then I started to read the other posts linked up and they were all kind of telling the same story.

Breastfeeding is hard.

But, it gets easier.

Once I resigned myself to the fact that Judah liked to nurse around the clock I realized it was working. Once I saw that he had finally gotten out of the sleepy jaundiced slump he was in and started gaining weight, it was obvious to everyone that he was thriving. I was a breastfeeding mom.

I could finally let go of a little bit of the failure I felt with the boys.

And for me, that is a huge win.

Now! Let’s see what everyone else has to say on the subject. I bet this week gets everyone excited about all out awesome experience!

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5 Comments on “BFBH Week 21: Success Stories!”

  1. 1 Jen - Life With Levi said at 8:31 pm on May 26th, 2011:

    That IS a huge win! Judah is such a nursing rockstar ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 2 Amanda said at 9:30 pm on May 26th, 2011:

    I really appreciated your honesty last week, you are inspiring! Thank you for sharing so much of you with us!

  3. 3 Becky said at 9:39 pm on May 26th, 2011:

    I agree with Amanda. . . showing the “downer” posts help the mamas who are struggling because they see they are not alone! ๐Ÿ™‚ Posts like today’s then show that it’s ALL worth it.

  4. 4 tigger2477 said at 1:15 am on May 27th, 2011:

    I think that being honest and sharing the struggles of breastfeeding is just as important as giving education. All Mothers need to know that breastfeeding can have challenges and it is a normal part of the experience.

  5. 5 Dagmar said at 12:07 am on May 29th, 2011:

    Thanks for hosting this!

    Dagmar's momsense

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