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Flats Challenge (half-way point check-in)

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Four days into the Flats and Handwashing Challenge and I think we are cruising along pretty well here. After the first night where my flats didn’t dry I was able to figure out a solution and we’ve had dry flats every morning since.

Washing is going well and is as easy and quick as washing a sinkful of dishes. I’m not sure there is anything that washes as clean as a flat to be honest, it’s a breeze! Then again, I have a baby who only poops every second or third day, so I’ve had it pretty easy compared to some people I think.

We definitely have a night wetter on our hands as opposed to a day wetter. At most changes I’d have to say the diapers are fairly dry, they are wet, but not all the way through and no where near soaking. I do find that cotton absorbs quite a bit.

We did have one slip-up on night number two when Judah was asleep before we had changed him into a nighttime diaper. I was going to double up on flats instead of pre-folds and he was in a single flat. He woke up soaking from head to toe around 3am, not a happy camper! We haven’t made that mistake since.

I’ve been playing around with different covers, Thirsties, Flips and wonder Wraps are obviously the easiest to wash because they are PUL but I’ve also tried a gDiaper which has worked great and dries pretty well overnight.

So, nothing I can point to that would derail this process at this point. It’s nice to know that if I was without a washer and a dryer I could get by with the basics. I know these flats are going to stay in the stash from now on!

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