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Ode to a Bathtub.

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Bathtub that I loved so dearly

There is one thing I am going to miss from our old place.

The claw-foot tub.

It was everything you could want in a tub.  It was deep and long and just right in so many other ways.

I probably took over 1800 soaks in that thing over the 6 years it was ours.

When I was pregnant with the twins and suffering from PUPPPs I would soak in a cool bath 3-4 times a day, just to keep the itching away.  Sitting in the tub, sniffing my bottle of Burt’s Bees face wash (I craved that scent when pregnant) just waiting for those boys to be born.

My boys all loved that tub.  It was one of the only places Wyatt would nurse as an infant.  It was deep enough to keep even Lincoln’s vigorous splashing from hitting the floors.  It was pretty much the only place Judah was ever bathed after his frantic 1st bath in the pod.  I’ve got many memories tied to that tub.

It was simply lovely.

Now, the bathroom in which this tub sat was nothing to write home about.  Unless you were writing about how horrific it was.  Cracking plaster walls.  Sketchy floor.  No outlets.  I remember going to clean it for the first time after we moved in and thinking there was no way we’d ever get it clean.  Except for that tub.  I could scrub the hell out of that tub.

Word on the street is they are tearing it out for a (much needed) remodel.

They are getting rid of the best thing about that place.

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2 Comments on “Ode to a Bathtub.”

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